Mobile version have, we need too in PC- PS

in install and test mobile version and when u try to build a car they have a increble option

copy - paste

So u can add a wheel or some peace in the side and automatic place in oposite side one equal
i think this can be add on PC - PS too.

Oddly enough I downloaded the mobile version last night and it is pretty good.

It looks like the mobile dev team spends more time on that game then this team does in the PC version.


Probably makes more money


On PC you copy parts with middle click?
Only excpetion are differently fused parts.

Mobile version has many features that pc n consoles doesnt have. It seems like devs follow their development plan there. Unluckily we had (have) to many cry babies at the old forum ,mostly pc players that couldnt adapt to the game as it is and need to nerf everything and put crossout to the ground.
Sad :grimacing:

‘X is nerfed - I’m gonna quit the game 0/10 bad devs’. Happened so often I swear