Mod application

How do I apply to become a game chat moderator?
In the last 4 years I’ve spent probably 2 in the game chat.
I’ve seen it all and am quite well known in the community.
I want to be a mod so that I can cruelly abus… so that I can facilitate the kind of place we all want to ‘hang out’

I realise that I’d be representing you in chat with that orange text so, I wouldn’t be able to have as much “fun” as I used to but I think it would be worth it for people to see a gm actually active in the chat as member of the community.

I’ve been a good friend of Weaponised man for a while now and I really pushed him to make friends in the game but alas….

It’s something that, I think, cross out could really do with and I want to be that guy, for us.

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Look who wants to be a moDERRRRator…

You got my vote +1

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I appreciate that my dude


Why don’t you ask weapon how?

why dont you just tell him this isnt even close to being the correct place to apply as a mod? or maybe that if you cant even figure out how to apply as a mod you shouldnt become one anyways. i guess i will then.

Watch he becomes a mod and yall are perma chat blocked for picking on him being trolls. Hahahahaha