Module Idea - Jump Jack

I’d really like a module that lets you jump into the air on a trajectory based on your current build speed and direction.

Perhaps it could be a rarity upgrade to the Auto jack.


Take my money


Two options for that…allow the mounting of boosters pointing upwards at perhaps a 45 degree angle, or add a jump pad (like the ones used in the garage) to be mounted upside-down underneath a car.

I thought anti-gravity pads might be an option too, but that’s too far in the future for the game’s storyline, unless we can somehow replace the devs with Lloyd. :grinning:

I’d rather it not be a booster though. I like the idea of just a pneumatic jack that makes you jump. The jump pads are closer to what I’m thinking just different in actualization of the force for the launch.

Think about the old speed racer cartoon.

I’d buy this for a dollar!
As long as we don’t go so far as double jumps and wall walking.

I don’t think we could get away with triangular jumps and some of the mass ninja parkour jumps skills but it might be sweet to do a jump and then land your skinner hit and swing across a pit on a map though.


Reminds me a little of pitfall early atari game:

Every now and then you’d get a pit that was too big and you’d have to swing across.

We have big pits but no way to swing across them right now. We do have a skinner though and we are just kind of lacking a jump ability.

I think it would also be useful for whatever energy it costs to add a different way to dodge and attack. Like rather than dodge can I shoot over this obstacle for a moment.

used to be able to do this with triple skinners on a spider build.

I used to crawl up the walls and drop porcs lol. Then they added the ceiling to kill roflcopters. Then nerfed skinner. You could use the skinners to swing around. /cry

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I use to love those video’s too, It’s was one of the main reasons I ever wanted a skinner.

It was alot of fun, any map that had arches, skitter along and drop porcs.

I also had a build with crickets that shot straight down. It was devastating.

I also miss the booster slingers. They were fun too while it lasted.

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I’ve seen them give 1000’s of coins off to people making the crazy jump attack videos too I have no idea what they were thinking taking them out. It was just really good advertising for something that was hard to pull off.

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