Module idea: the calculator

I had an idea for a module that could make guns with lots of projectile drop more useful.

It would have a node on one side (similar to omamori), which you could attach a single projectile weapon. Ideally you would choose a gun that does not have much projectile drop.

Now that it is installed, you will use that gun to aim, and it will automatically adjust the angle of your other guns so that their projectiles hit the same target. I think you would still need to see both reticles, so that you can see when slow pivot guns have actually settled into the right position.

Of course this won’t compensate for projectile speed, so it won’t help much when trying to hit a moving target at long range. And some weapons might not have enough range, even at the right angle. There might need to be an alert sound for those cases.


It’s always bugged me that we can’t really mix cannons very well, especially when you get into the higher rarities and likely can only afford to get one at a time. Now you could pair a Fatman with a Typhoon, and have them on the same trigger.


Just imagining putting a Acari on the module and pair it with an Avalanche lol


That’s a case where there will be situations where the avalanche can’t reach some shots.
But yeah, it could be a pretty nasty tool. Might need to make it more than a single energy point.

I had a similar idea, but it modified an existing module: the Iris. Seems like it would fit the module

I like Iris as it is too much to want to change how it works. Probably my most used scope.

I had an old idea of a ballistic scope, which would give artillery style aiming for weapons with projectile drop. That would also help land those long distance shots, but wouldn’t have as much room for abuse as this new Calculater concept. But also wouldn’t be as interesting.