Module thoughts

Anyone else feel like the idea behind modules has somewhat failed?

For example daze, interceptor, argus, if you’re running any of these, or more than just one, you don’t generally have the energy to put into big guns and usually go for the less energy consuming weapons like shotguns, miniguns and machine guns.

But said guns are already pretty efficient at dealing with drones, missiles and pretty much everything by themselves, while the builds that could really need the help of these modules, like slow moving triple cannon builds, sluggish tanks and so on, can’t make proper use of them simply because then they’d have to run around with something like 1 executioner cannon in 9500 PS. So you’ve got stuff that works fine, and is only made even better with them, and then stuff that really would need to use these modules, but can’t, being made even worse in comparison to the already meta builds.

I feel like the devs kinda lost their way with them & forgot some basics in the process.

There are coolers & radiators for overheating guns.
Two modules to boost the reload speed.
A module to boost melee damage.
A module to boost plasma emitters (what’s that… like 3 weapons?)
Two modules to boost durability…

That sounds great and all, but it leaves plenty of parts that can’t be boosted at all by modules.

If I’m not mistaken, most of the energy weapons, flame throwers, drones & others don’t have a module. I get it that there are cabs that boost them, but there are cabs that boost those other weapons, too. So, you can have a cab/wheel/engine/module/weapon combo for some weapons, but not others.

It seems like a glaring omission to me.

Plus, too and also… the modules that are apparently designed to somehow disable enemies all seem useless to me.
Argus, Interceptor, Daze, & Enlightenment (I know - supposedly a weapon) seem pointless. I’ve tried most of them & bleh. I did use my Argus during the helicopter event a time or two, but eventually ditched it. It wasn’t worth the energy point & PS hit.

Verifier & Oculus… I have or have had both… don’t use either. A fused Maxwell or Doppler is just far more useful than discovering you’re about to get hit with a cloaked enemy far too late to do anything about it.

Rift & Contact seem like things they added to the game b/c players requested them, but didn’t think them through enough to make them useful. The fact that if you attempt to use the contact, by the time you link the two builds, often the match is half over makes the whole thing just stupid. You have to line things up absolutely perfectly. Bleh.

In other words, yeah, I agree with you.

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So… further thinking this through…

Imagine a NOS module that boosts vehicle power/speed by like 100% for a few second. That’d be insane with the tusk.

A module that boosts plasma emitters… call it a Capacitor. Makes sense…

A module for any weapon that stabilizes the weapon for better accuracy - perfect for sniper builds. Call it a gimbal.

A module for all the energy weapons & Tempura that does… well… anything, really.

A module for crossbows…

A minelayer module that makes it so you can lay more mines at a time.

A module that makes your drones less moronic… acquire targets faster, reload faster, do more damage… anything.

Fixes for the Argus, Interceptor & Daze would be easy. Make them all one module, not three separate ones. The new module does what all 3 do, but only costs 2 energy.

Fix for Enlightenment… give it a 360 degree turret, let it operate like a mortar you can launch as far as a mandrake. Once it “lands,” it hovers cloaked & exposes to you & anyone on your team with a radio (assuming you have one yourself) whatever the enlightenment “sees.”

Alas, none of this will happen.



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It seems like people don’t generally run more than 12 energy on weapons. There are very few 14 or 15 energy setups in the game. You have Triple Cyclone/Stillwind/Whirlwind/Pheonix/Fortune builds. Everything else has lots of modules. Some are much more popular than others, but modules are not going away any time soon.

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the problem i have is most modules are useless. on heavy builds heavy cabins only have 11 energy max.
light cabins 12 energy
medium cabins 12 energy
heavy cabins 11 energy

this isnt really balanced in my mind because while yeah heavy cabins have more hp and durability then light and medium builds, they are far slower and every bit of energy on them counts.
does anyone know the specific reason why heavy cabins have 11 energy and not 12?
my theory is because they are far more durable, have higher hp and have more powerful abilities.
still though would it really hurt giving heavy cabs +1 more energy?
they are very slow as is so i dont see why not.

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It’s because the devs have never actually played crossout. LOL

Its an ongoing legacy mistake brought on by the 12 energy Humpback of old. It was the ONLY cab to use when it had 12 energy. Some 11 energy cabs would go straight to S tier with the extra energy, such as the Bastion. Some heavy cabs deserve 12 energy, some do not.


well said

like what? and why would it make them so powerful? can you elaborate?
im just asking cause i dont know.

Is it modules or energy you are after or want changed?

I agree on energy, but not modules.
All the different modules should have allowed heavies to go to 12 energy.

It was also the only cab with a direct damage increasing perk at the time. Hammerfall+Humpback was the shiz.


idk because some modules CAN be useful but most of them are just… not needed.
the energy on heavy cabs i feel should be changed to 12. but again it might need a bit of tweaking.

what i mean is this.

  • light cabins - fast and very mobile, light weight and can get perks off easily. can cover lots of ground in a short time. however they suffer from low hp, not alot of durability and are usually crippled within a few shots from a cannon or scorpion or other hard hitting weapons.

  • medium cabins - in the middle between tanky and light weight. good speed with good durability. mobile but can tank hits to. the only downside i see to these is them being a bit slower then light cabins. but they can take more punishment.

  • heavy cabins - are extremely heavy, have a ton of durability, have perks that can increase their defenses and the bastion is just a beast. the major downsides to heavy cabins are that they are incredibly slow but they pack alot of power. they can tank ALOT of damage but also can lack in movement and maneuverability. heavy cabins suffer because they are built for tanking damage and dishing out just as much back. which means in a close combat fight they cant get away fast enough. they are strictly a wall. (cue trumps wall talks).

if anything heavy cabs, or at least some heavy cabs, should have 12 energy. if not that then how about a special engine or a different legendary apollo (not counting the new one) that can give that cabin an extra energy point but is ONLY usable with heavy cabins, its perk cannot work with medium or light cabins.

this is just my thoughts though.

i agree with this. i also seen modules being able to counter builds with drones but… drones are a joke now unless they buff them in the near future. even then i dont think itll be all that useful. drones are very frail and die by running into them or just shooting them with a MG or arbiter.

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Cbas like the bastion i mentioned, also the humpback which gets its full 25% damage bonus while in any firefight. The Echo would come back to relevance without being broken, which would be a good thing. The Machinist could use the extra energy. The Yokozuna could use 12, the new cooler cabin could use 12 for sure, but a direct “all epic cabins get 12 energy” would disrupt the balance.

If i had to pick, do make them 12, or dont, i say do. But it would make certain cabins S tier is all im saying. But im all for shaking up the game. Seeing nothing but beholder and kami hovers does get old.


omg yes it could! if there was 1 heavy cabin that i think would deserve the 12 energy its definitely that.

yeah agreed for sure. i dont want to break them and your right, select ones would have to have 12 and others stay at 11.

nova hovers get old to. honestly i always thought nova should be 11 energy instead of 12 due to the shield on the front. from afar you could just block all shots someone makes with cannons and scorps. the nova cabin is just the “lol screw you cannons and reload weapons” cabin. i always thought it was unfair, tank their shots while hitting them with scorpions, wait for the recharge, pop back out, tank another shot, shoot back, rinse and repeat. its frustrating and gets old fast.

do you think any cabs should be nerfed in energy?

My main problem with defensive modules costing energy is that heavy cabs are supposed to trade energy for tankyness. If energy = more tankiness than being heavy, then heavies are less tanky and slower than everything else.


Sounds like fun to me. I don’t even consider playing a most heavy cabins over that 1 energy. Maybe if the trade off was really durability/speed instead of… oh… i need 16 energy.

The new cabin has the perk. but is minus 1 energy and the perk is condition while a shiv or rad isn’t.

Besides it would be nice to see the builds people create.

I honestly like this one idea I spotted on the old forum about cabs having limited numbers of module slots. This would allow for a nice combo of allowing for some modules to be protected while still having some being able to be shot off a build. I think it would also encourage smaller builds which tend to be more aesthetically pleasing to some. It’s also beneficial to lower level players that might have not unlocked all of their parts limit yet.

Agreed… at least for the epics & above. As is, I rarely ever play a heavy cab at all. It’s just not as fun to me to get to the scene of the fighting & it’s half over. :man_shrugging:

Perfect argument for 12pt Heavy cabs


I’d suggest updating the defensive modules so that they work like Cohort and Yoko. Examples: Averter 25% on light and med cab, 35% on heavy cabs. Omamori 250 dmg pool on light and med, 350 on heavies.

But 1 energy point’s good too (^:


I still wouldn’t bother with the heavy cabin if it doesn’t have parity on energy.

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