Module to accelerate weapons' charing phase

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Second, title.
We need this…


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Thats the best ,

[accelerate weapons’ charing phase]


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So Mr 12hQ Aka Mr tryhard such time in the game and this is so hard to get for you?
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Reading comprehension is a thing you know…
Module to accelerate weapons’ charing phase…
As in kaiju parsers, even the new coming weapon…
Fuse the weapon give that outcome so its not a new thing.
Can’t see any drone there, I think u are confusing this post with my previous thread about Fuze drone, but it’s not the same, again reading comprehension is a thing, it’s nice to see u have all my threads in your head tho (kind of stalker… But still)

Yes yes, big brain DROOOOONER :rofl:

I close my case.