Moment Of Truth

We really did lose half the player base from a year ago so this pretty much confirms it now. 100 000 for spring mayhem and 50 000 for rise of the machines. 10 minutes left on the clock in the screenshot.

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7940 on Xbox

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That’s pretty bad, cross platform would be the only way to solve the low xbox count. It is bad on pc too and notice my queue times is getting actually noticeably longer.


It was the worst year yet, as far as the number of really bad decisions in game development goes. It’s hard to pick the worst one, but Confrontation Mode is the one I hate the most. I don’t like being in a clan at all, but what else can you do?

I can’t believe they thought that was a good idea, but then it’s not the only thing they did this year that seemed really out of touch. Not by a long-shot.

I can’t wait to see what’s next :neutral_face:

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Yea main thing adding confrontation mainly accomplished was making mid ps really sweaty just to drive away more new would be players. I find clan confrontation more of a chore than raids.

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Would probably be better to compare this year’s Spring Mayhem, or compare Rise Of the Machines to whatever the winter holiday event was last year.
Not that I think time of year or type of event would make huge difference, but it would definitely be a factor.
And always better to compare apples to apples.

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The comparisons fairly accurate, nuff said.

They don’t call us “survivors” for nothing, I guess.

Lol, Truth. Freaking like there is game modes I can never find matches for its horrible…
Like brawls most the time I never find matches for on Xbox so I gave up long ago.
I did try it recently and nothing.
It been like this a while.

And them freaking Rotor challenges forcing me to use Rotors, Makes me so mad.
And the freaking brawl weekly challenge that I can never do because no matches.

:frowning: I am Xbox Gamer

I want to do normal Clan Wars and get a few relics at least before Crossout dies.

Also this game been out how long and there still nerfing things. Like come on now. You should know by now how to stat weapons or test it better before adding to game. Stop nerfing stuff.
Spending all there time nerfing stuff instead of working on things like raids and things that are so boring that kills me a little inside every time I play it.

Also that the heck is this load of bull. [PC] “ORGANIZE IT YOURSELF 1: DEVIL’S DERBY” ON THIS SATURDAY! Where the heck is Xbox’s tournaments. I want to play that. Is that free though?

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They do it on purpose to stimulate sales, I think. We are the game they are playing.

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True that.

Was looking for the first ROBOCRAFT coming to Xbox a long while back but the game died so fast almost as fast as zombie game that died in 4 days. :stuck_out_tongue:

Robocraft 2 i would love on xbox but i want the same version as PC.

Also miss the old CHROMEHOUND game on Xbox 360 wish they would make a new one of them.

I mean i love the style of game of Crossout / Robocraft / Chromehounds. Of crafting and fighting vehicles.
Its really freaking fun but they need to learn how to make it fair for all players including new ones and cherish the new players that come. An dont always look for ways to get paid. Free events is important too and listen to fan base but also know what not to listen too… Cry babies ruin games.

Theoretically, Crossout could still gain 3 million new players in a month, now that there is so much more content than back in 2017…

Or not? :upside_down_face: