Money - making it rich in Crossout

I currently play XO around 1 or 2 hours a day and only 4-5 days a week. (I might play a little longer when new BPs are out or if I’m having a really good CW session, but not much more)

With the market and CWs I easily make enough to get a legendary every week or a relic every month.

And I do not go out of my way to do challenges or play raids unless it is for a BP.

I’m pretty sure this is against the terms of service

Do you lock the region or just choose it in the pulldown box without locking?

True but your 10k coins aren’t worth much on xbox cuz of crazy inflation

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Considering that ONLY regular source of coins is to buy them with real money, it just shows the gap in MTX behaviour between console using young people and PC master gamers superiour beings.

Region lock defiantly - Australia or Asia are the best.

Making coin in Crossout is all about consistency, if you have the time…do all hard and plastic raids for the week plus all pvp missions for badges, only exchange for the large bundles and avoid the epic crate. Check the market often and see what the most expensive legendaries are, follow the recipe down, you can often make good coin crafting and selling the parts for them. Only sell resources when the price spikes, I play on Xbox so all my info is more relevant to our market but should still be helpful regardless of where you play. Buy white items everyday, all day if the price is cheap enough, never craft them and only craft rares/specials when it’s cheaper to craft vs buy. If you spend money, buy premium/battle passes/packs at 50%off in that order. There are many ways to earn credit no matter what system you play in, I use MS rewards and haven’t spent much actual money on the game.
I have lots of fused stuff plus 11 relics, working on jorms next then firebugs. Hope some of that helps, best of luck.

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I will tell you the secret but only because I am soon done with this game and soon taking a vacation from it. I'm not really done but soon gonna slack off playing and i'm finally satisfied with the collection of stuff i made from ripping people off on the market. Grind is too much so going to lay off before i loses my mind. I don't play clan wars all stuff i got is made from market flipping, a few packs i bought when i first started out and battlepasses as well. 
 Truth be told you can only have 1 person at a time playing the market or you will clash which is why I pick dead hours to do it which is between 4:30 pm and 1:30 am eastern time but starts to get really dead around 9:30 pm est. That's the time with more whales playing and less competition from russians. Pick a item with at least a 5% roi and update every 2 matches. If you do this during peak hours you can still make money but you will be updating your offers so often that you won't even be able to play the game so i advise you to do it during these hours other wise you will be going clickety click with the mouse losing your mind updating offers every 30 seconds.  Loads of whales during these hours especially from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm but after 11:30 pm eastern time is when the game is most dead then it picks up a little after 3:30 am. I made 10-15k a month for a long time at this racket so I finally spill the beans. I'm the only player at it and i know that for fact so anyone else wants to pick up where i left off all power to yea no one else is at it, i am satisfied with what i grinded out past few months since I returned to the game after 2 year hiatus and i am soon ready for another 2 year break if game is still around then. Best advice Look at roi graphs dont bid on anything less than a 5% roi and check graph history. If item seems inflated and is at 5% you may take a loss from it during peak hours as market fluctuations can burn yea during these hours so if your market flipping during peak hours don't try and flip things with thin margins that seem inflated.

No one mentioned that on PC 100 scrap is about 5 coins… No clue about Console, I umm… like to pretend they don’t exist but AhEM.
That means with Premium it’s 2 wins and a loss for 5 coins if you sell the resources. I used to scoff at ‘selling the resources’ but - since the market changes aka dev-finger-insertion … there are just not many exciting opportunities to flip for decent amounts of coins these days, unless you are a total freak and you have a storage full of purps ready to go to market at any random time a sale drops…

I think this scrap-to-coin=time-in-game kind of fundamental understanding is positive for new players, most of us WANT to craft and we almost blindly think DUHH it would obviously be more profitable to craft… but very - very often, when you talk about blues, greens and purps, it’s just not the case.

Apologies if anyone already mentioned this, but workpieces are a good way to make profit from crafting. Just make sure you’re crafting things that currently have good value, or if you want to play the long game, craft things that are ingredients for other items during special events.
Also not a bad idea to buy some items when the price is super low and hold on to them to sell in the future. A good example are Phoenixes, as they are usually very cheap on the market, but jump up in price significantly when people are trying to make Toadfishes.

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I made my bankroll in the first week of the game. Got to 10 on the first day and joined the Lunatics. Sold Sledgehammers and Growls for 300 a pop.

Biggest joke is that once you get rich you find out that game-play basically stays the same, expensive parts don’t add anything except you get to play against other players with expensive parts :slight_smile:


Don’t trade resources for coins. Except the 3000 badge-container as excess.
Once you have 1k coins, trade parts - start blue to get some practice and beware price spikes.

Craft and trade . Depending on how much coins you started with, you can earn from 5 to above 2k coins per 2 days.

it’s so true, when you can have everything you want the game became boring, i have a lot of coins but there isn’t anything i like to buy or craft

That didn’t age well, did it?

That advise is still solid for people that use the new system.