More badge boxes?

We have a rare box and an epic box but no special, legendary, or relic boxes for badge rewards.

Rare is 600 badges and epic is 3,000 badges, so split the difference and make the special box 1,800 badges. make the legendary box double the epic box at 6,000. Then quadruple that for the relic box at 24,000 badges.

Adding a special box can help new and intermediate players bridge the gap as they rise in power score. And allow them to try weapons that they would otherwise not buy or build with their limited resources.

If a player did all the weekly challenges (2,850 badges a week) it would take a minimum of a little over 2 weeks for a legendary and a little over 8 weeks for a relic.

I believe that adding more boxes will give players an avenue to the middle and end game content that focuses more on committed time spent playing Crossout.

But what do you think?

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+1… more boxed would be great!!
A relic box… mmhhh :star_struck:

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Wouldn’t hurt. Just one more thing to get if we all work together.

I’d agree with the special box but I wouldn’t put in higher then epics. It would also be nice if they updated what was inside the boxes.

Moving over the rent a legend box might not be a bad idea though.
Even the decor box and paint box could potentially be moved over to the badges.

They may not do it because most of the epic pieces you see are mainly in most of the shops download packs but maybe an event could take place where we could see epic boxes in requests for Forint coins someday.

What would this solve? Plastic and copper are dirt cheap. Scrap is cheap and wires are only the major cost but they’re easy enough to farm that it’s not going to be a problem getting specials unless you’re well and truly inept at playing the game.

Yeah, no. Lets do much basic math.

I get ~2000 or so badges a week on average. I typically drop that into buying a pathfinder’s crate every two weeks with the excess leading to faster crate buying. With a legendary and relic crate being available at only 24K badges (For reference I typically keep 30K of them around as a rainy day fund.), that’s going to tank the prices of legendaries and relic, to up to around halving their selling prices. I have just shy of 40K coins as the result of some light trading (I recently crafted and sold two hadrons for a nice profit. I sold a single behold ~half a month ago. Sold a bunch of flywheels before that.) and just using the market + playing the game for 5 years has resulted in me making over 100K coins over my entire time playing the game.

With the market effects of such crates at that low of a price, you’d break the game. Crafting of legendaries would be forced after long enough because only idiots would craft them to sell them when the crafting cost of legendaries and relics currently only gives you large profits if you eat costs in the process like I did with the two hadron I sold recently (That cost me 1200 electronics. I had 8200 just waiting to be used.). Relics would be in high supply because they now come in crates and clan wars is no longer the limiting factor on them. For that matter, clan wars would be defunct since uranium is now worth shit all with relic crates existing now and the scrap reward would not be worth it. Raids would only be for completions now because since the main items that require them had their prices potentially cut in half. The only benefactor of this is PvP and even that’s questionable on whether it’d be benefiting since it’d result in more nerfs more rapidly due to sealclubbers.