More Cabin Suggestions

Hey guys its me again, was bored and decided to put some more cabin suggestions together. I like to post them on the forums first before submitting a google form to get feedback on the designs.

Name: Dynamo
Type: Medium
Rarity: Legendary
Energy: 12
Speed: 75 KPH
Mass: 13,200 Kg
Tonnage: 5,500 Kg
Weight: 1,250 Kg
Durability: 320 Pts

Perk: Suppression Matrix
Driving the armored car starts accumulating perk charge, after driving 200 meters the perk fully charges and can be activated with a button press.
Once activated the armored car will emit a 20 meter electrical impulse (centered on the cabin) that will cause enemy weapons to deal 20% less damage for 10 seconds. This effect will also apply to weapons attached to the armored car itself (you will also deal 20% less damage) but will not apply to allied armored cars.

I envision this cab as a support vehicle that can break into enemy lines and disrupt their combat effectiveness to allow allies to make that all important push, or just to increase your survivability by a bit. Paired with something like a daze or kapkans, this cab could create a potent support play style.

Name: Ol’ Reliable
Type: Medium
Rarity: Epic
Energy: 12
Speed: 68 KPH
Mass: 12,500 Kg
Tonnage: 4,800 Kg
Weight: 1,000 Kg
Durability: 275 Pts

Perk: Tandem Engine
This cabin allows the mounting of 2 different engines; This cabin does not allow you to stack duplicate engines (no double Pegasus or cheetah).

This cabin was created to allow a more customizable build, and maybe “create your own perk loadout” As a result of the increased stat block from multiple engines. I decided to make the cab weaker on the stat side (the max speed is comparable to a heavy cab rather than a medium).

I would love to hear some feedback on these designs, please try to be constructive on how I can make them better.

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Hey man, you never know, might end up in a future battle pass or something. Either way, I enjoy making fun content on the forums. It lets me exercise my creativity a bit.


A lot of player ideas have been added lately

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Can you point some of them out for me please?

There have been many things done players suggest.

wheel changes, the new spider legs, many buffs and nerfs, Leviathan CW, original nerfs to augers, new legendary generator, stillwind buffs, stillwind buffs, stillwind nerfs, the list goes on and on where it was suggested on forum and a patch or two or three later it’s in the patch.

Note: again, this does not mean they got the idea directly off the forum. But it does show they are getting player feedback somewhere and paying attention to at least some of it.

sorry if i missed all those player suggestions from the forum i check every few days a week, i could not find it. i did notice these questions lately ingame from targem asking players how they felt about the changes they implemented.
Yet in my memory those changes were never asked for on the forum.
So i could be growing old and senile at a young age, or you are just making stuff up.

The suggestions aren’t in a single thread. They are spaced through out threads, it would be nice if it was all in one though.

If you aren’t willing to read through the forums that is on you.
I do not make stuff up.

point those threads out to us friend and back up your claims so you can prove me wrong for real.

Thats altta work to prove a petty point, of which he is absolutely spot on about.

to whom are you referring friend me or patentspending?

He’s spot on, and you asking him to go back to a dozen threads buried pages deep is a big ask only to prove you wrong.

Thats what you get when you claim what other people on the forum said to prove your point, he started this not me, and i have yet to get an awnser, but i probably never will.
may i ask how you are so sure he is “spot on”?

Name: Stuntman
Type: Light
Rarity: Epic
Energy: 12
Speed: general light cabin speed
Mass: the usual
Tonnage: the usual
Weight: just a hint chunky for a light cabin, but not overly so
Durability: ok-ish

Perk: Jump
Push button, car jumps up as if it drove over a launch pad. Reloads by itself, reload gets boosted by Cheetah


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I want a legendary quantum with 13 energy

Because of the extra 1 energy, its power is only 5 points, the maximum speed is 93km/h, the weight limit is 11500kg, and it weighs 1600kg

Perk:when the cabin does not take damage or does not fire within 10s, +30% for all radars, +10% for functional component duration, -20% for charging time

13 energy cabin would be a pretty big change to the game since it was created, are you sure you want to suggest this idea that has probably been suggested 1000 times before to the developers?

I think the effect of maneuvering and armor on the vehicle is enough to compensate for the gain from 1 extra energy

i must say, you have won me over again in this thread. watching you in your element, doing your own research, prevailing against the naysayers, asking questions and getting closer and closer to “the real truth”.

wutong wants, btw why is your nationality part of your name? and then a flag to round it off? common, chill out a little, will ya?, wutong wants a 13 energy cab because people in hell want ice water!

and youre very correct in stating that many many people have wanted exactly that probably since closed beta, i dunno.

here this particular illusion unravels: people want all kinds of things, some make less others more sense. and they sure wont shut about those things on discord, general chat, reddit, this hell hole right here etc.

and targem just releases op fomo stuff and leaves the game in an obviously unbalanced state for a while to cash in, then nerfs the previous obviously op stuff. but targem also mixes in some other random changes, sometimes even fixing and old obvious problem in a random update.

so by simply applying obvious fixes at times and fixing the imbalance created periodically by fomo stuff they will inevitably “make changes people have asked for” here on the forum and so on.

lets say tenshin/monkey among 200 others made a specific obvious suggestion over the course of the last 3 years. And tomorrow targem finally implements this idea they had themselves anyways because its pretty obvious.

youre going to get posts about how the devs finally listened to tenshin/monkey because theyre really important personalities in the greater crossout world.

but thats only part of “the real actually true truth”. because they real truth is they might even take a hint or 2 every now and then from reddit or elsewhere and do something people have asked for. but they wont ever do certain things most people ask for, less grind/less p2w/more and better content/more consistent balance/less squeezing every penny out of everyone for anything.

and thats because it doesnt jell with their business model. paying customers are mostly a source of foreign currency for targem/russia at this point anyways im sure. dont know if you can buy/update IT equipment required for running a company like targem with rubles. doubts.

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Regarding the forum name, since you brought it up, I’ll say this: this account I gave it to someone else who changed the in-game name also in the forum, and when the name didn’t have CN in it I set the flag, and now it’s duplicated but still correct

As for the 13-energy cabin, I also think the idea should have been mentioned by many, but I’d still like to ask why it is that 13-energy must be unfeasible? And my reasoning is that a capsule’s ability depends on energy, weight, power, perks, and such, and when the energy is altered, balancing it with other attributes, like a heavy capsule with only 11 energy, can still result in a reasonable 13 energy capsule

Prove it. List all 1000 times.

The irony… Trust me bro!

This would end all build diversity until more 13 energy cabins were added. Game breaking.

This might seem boring, but I would like a cabin with a built in Doppler/verifier. Maybe it could be expanded by adding more radars/detectors?

I’d call it the surveillance van, and model it after the A-Team van.

I’d also like a hot rod with nitro. When activated, engine power and speed is greatly increased, allowing you to possibly get past 120.
But if you overheat it, your engine will explode. Perk only works if an engine is equipped.