More Drivers Please

It is nice to see they are updating some drivers in the new patch, but it would be nice to have some more.

I’m hoping we never get BP or pack exclusive drivers, but some more free content would be cool.

Anyone got any ideas for drivers they want to see?

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I think the only ones that are under represented by a co-drivers are:
crossbow, minelayer, uncatorgorized, grenade launcher

It could be that they need to do different combinations of skill sets. Just some off the top of my head:
Offensive fast tanker - (we have grizzly as a defensive one)
Defensive Heavy Machine gunner (jay is offensive so maybe pull an opposite in)
Something Speed/Wheel oriented (boosters + a weapon) something other than (Atitlan for boosters)
Communications droner (extend the operational range of drones)

Missing skills:
Someone that can effect charge mechanics of weapons

Sad thing is they seem to tend to nerf things to make room for the buff the driver gives if the items are already strong.

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Which really sucks, because then you have to use the driver they want you to or your under powered.

This is not a driver - but we have the same problem with Blight Cabin.

Here’s a couple:

Mr Frosty

  • some resistance to all heat weapons
  • increased efficiency for all coolers and rads
  • improved cooling and overheat for all weapons

Perk: cooldown fog. Perk charges when you are attacked by heat weapons. When triggered, releases a cloud of cooling gas from your car, which forms a fog radius around your car that instantly cools all vehicles within the cloud.

The Archer
We need a crossbow driver.

  • increased velocity for all crossbows
  • increased rotation speed for crossbows
  • better reload

Perk: every successful hit charges the perk, but any miss resets the charge. When fully charged, reload time is cut in half for a short period, enabling brief rampages.


It’s pretty much what they did with the Hertz intro for protective fields they cut them all by like 20% and made that into part of his skill. It’s kind of similar with the blight cabin issue though I’m not sure I’d want flame that much stronger normally lol. I just made a little flame thrower ball wheel thing using harpy and Atitlan for ammo boosting.

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Let’s hope they don’t do that to the new ones :slight_smile: