More fire cabins

It’d be really nice to have more cabins for fire type weapons than a single one, but at the same time they’ve made the Blight so universal there is not reason to have another fire cabin because Blight can do everything.

Would it make sense to take away Blight’s abilities to boost puddles, and then create a whole new cabin for puddle weapons, possibly one that does not need charging and instead of boosting damage etc. when activated gives constant puddle radius increase and heating speed of puddles gets boosted, and leave blight as the flamethrower cab that boosts damage? Then you could even for puddle type weapons choose between larger, faster heating puddles or the damage boost of the Blight.

Or to make a completely new Cabin with a whole new way of boosting flamethrowers, but what can there be done when Blight does absolutely everything? It sucks that such a wide array of weapons and builds that have anything to do with fire are all more or less locked behind a single cab

Splitting Blight in two cabs doesn’t give any more diversity… it’s still 1 cab for flamers, 1 cab for puddles. You’re just making it more expensive to play Inci and flamers

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At some point I was thinking about making something else for flamers, but that would require a complete overhaul of fire-damaging mechanic and introducing a new resource-slash-type of weaponry. Oil.

Other than that, Blight indeed fills everything with its bonus.

I could see room for a medium or heavy cabin that boosts flame weapons in some way, but I don’t think blight needs to be changed.
Would break too many builds, and not needed.

Agreed. No harm in adding a medium or heavy cab that works with fire. I mean…a heavy cab would probably fall pretty short though. No need to change blight. Its in a fair spot.

by separating blight they could add perk more attune to the role puddle or other. make the cab more specialized that goes beyond what blight did overall.

put something else in place of the charging for the puddle etc. for the other cab put something else in place of the perk that worked for the other set up. create 2 specialized fire build paths thats more effective in their specialized ways. leave blight there add 2 more cabs for fire. that create specific specialty thats better than blight. in that specialty nitch.