More flare colours when?


Made these for fun… really want some new colours. I even had the idea for the black flare to have sparks like an ash cloud but I was too lazy to edit it in…

So many options they could do for fun.


Seems like a dmn simple way to spice up some of these dry-ass Battle Passes and events.

Buff the bling.


And shorter cd!

Once you pointed out the cd difference between flares and holograms, I haven’t used a flare on a new build. I enjoy the flares alot.

For the fun of it… Great flick BTW

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Considering the number of the neon lights, I think they should do this!!

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Yeah, but they could use more neon light colors too. Where the heck is green and purple? And more fairy light colors…they only come in white. I like the fairy lights, they go with anything…and it would be even more cool if they had a twinkling bulb option.