More mini events

Does anyone else feel like there should be more mini events? Not mini passes or anything with even any real rewards or new or old free items outside normal scrap etc, but just something every now and then that would make the game more fun to play

Like the Crossout day stuff that we’ve had a few times where there’s a handful of pre-made builds, some funny, some good, some just bad, why can’t we have a mini version of that every now and then for like a week or something.

Or just bringing back old brawls every now and then, like the increased impulse and double shot ones. If it’s unfair in the sense of letting players get away from the grind too easy, then just bring it back but no rewards at all, just for fun.

This game seriously lacks fun these days, it’s all just endless mini passes

for once i agree with you.

I normally only get to play those when they fit in with the other grind stuff I’m trying to finish. If they hadn’t pushed the grind aspects of the game so far players would have more leisure play time for events like your describing.

sorry ? what grind?
without premium you hardly get 1.5 C / battle now even w fuel.
w premium : do 5 patrols for dailies and 5 invasions and you have around 85 C for playing 15 min
would take you 4 HOURS minimum to get the same amount of coins without premium.
not even mentionning uranium , now i m lazy i make only 50 uran / week so 3000 C for 6 hours of boring gameplay.
I sincerely pity the new f2p players coming in games who can t even dream of properly grinding anything , let alone craft it without the old workbenches. so now they either pay or can t even get anything.
I played F2P between 2017 and 2021 semi casually and i ened with plenty of legendaries , all needed movement parts and 4 relics.
Doubt anyone starting today will have it in 4 years.

(also sorry for the off topic)

It’s not really the amount that is won that gets me it’s the amount of time. Only getting 1-2hrs of daily play time and trying to fit everything from CC/Dailies/Raids/MP/BP in, in that amount of time… I’m not one to pay for premium. At most from me they might get BP and from time to time maybe a pack on sale if it’s something I really want.

Resources and cash outs generally only apply to me when calcing out what I need to get what I want from MP/BP.

So it end up does the extra event line up with working towards one of those things. If it does great I can participate if not I don’t generally. Does it have a reward comparable to the mode that I’ll have to skip, If so I’m more likely to play it.

I’m not sure how many other players are like that but I can see that affecting side brawl/event participation if there are other players thinking along those lines. Drone day should be coming around for the next side event. I normally like that event even but participation from me generally still will revolve around the above issues.

If there weren’t little deadlines like those generated via the passes I.e. introduced extra grind I’d have more leisure play time. It’s one of those reasons I think they should kill the BP system and put it in as actual DLCs that you can just finish as you can. It would free up time to just play with the other events presented.

Like the winter Mayhem?

I prefer the events like slaughter and operations.
We can use our own builds or build something just for that and tweak to perfection.

Those pre made builds can be fun, but they clearly are not optimized or they could have one more rad or something else.

After a few battles it feels that they were left incomplete on purpuse

unlike a game like fortnite or few others you can make the currency to buy the season pass in the season pass just have to learn to manage your currency.

But yeah the endless mini pass faze does blow.
There so much things that could make it fun the game.
I been wanting new raids for the longest of time.

Make adventure mode fun and add new stuff to it.

Add a map designer or something to the game. Just idk the game could be very cool with anything amazing like that and free events time to time that reward us just for being on the game.

Also why not do something with factions or something let people earn more parts threw factions.
Or add some new factions or something that can be done with out any battle pass.
You want to turn all them parts into bumpers with that ram update testing stuff just make new faction add more bumper parts and other stuff.

Also cosmetics should be something that is amazing to have on vehicle. Feels like where punished for having some coolness to our vehicles

Full crossplay then reduce the amount of bot battles… Bots should only be in patrol.

Only if the player wait time is so long throw them in with some bots.
Make the matches if there is few people on just make it a 4v4 match or something instead of adding freaking bots everywhere.