More offers in packs or coins

I want to spend my money but it’s worth it :v

I would think twice before spending any money here, looking at last server problems, ddos attack and unstable situation in eastern europe we cannot be sure that this game will run next year :crazy_face:

The Battle Pass is the way to go, IMO. There will probably be a new one coming out very shortly. The previews looked cool, anyway.

Also the “Iron Shield” pack is doing a last chance sale that’s not a bad deal, IMO…if you like tanks. Those tracks that come with it are usually pretty expensive, and I was having a hard time watching it time out without grabbing one, myself. It’ll be gone after tomorrow, I think.
This game is a lot of fun, IMO, but it is moody and changes it’s preferences a lot. One day it’s great, then it isn’t, but it usually comes back around.

Some kids think it’s pretty easy. I don’t. I think it’s…frustrating sometimes. When it’s fun, it’s a lot of fun, and when it’s not, boy it’s not.

It’s $9.99 for the next Battle Pass. Try it. You’ll like it…then you won’t, then you will again. It’s just ten bucks. That’s less than a burger and fries…often makes a pretty good turd too.

Crossout: The best game I ever hated.

I have bought the last 4 or 5 battle passes, it really is a good investment.

Regarding the “Iron Shield” pack, I’ve already bought it before (let’s say I’ve been playing for a long time, although with long breaks of a year, on at least two occasions).

I would like more packs to come out in offers or in the acquisition of coins (half price), perhaps now that we are close to Halloween and Christmas it would be a good option.

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