More types of damage

Wouldn’t it be interesting if more damage types were added to the game and the parts were more differentiated in their resistance to various types of damage?


Acid (green corrosive), Ice ( light blue cryo), Impulse would be good to have as it’s own damage type and resistance

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I sort of expected a frost-weapon when the Polar Lights Battle Pass came out, but nerp.

Ya, like a fire hose that also cancelled fire based weapons. Just knocking people on their arse can create a flavor of mayhem that a wise team can take advantage of. Sometimes I use a Skinner to achieve this, but I think a fire hose would be great for causing this sort of anarchy and enemy disruption, especially if it had the added benefit of putting out fires.

I would rather they focused on other things, though. I’m tired of new crap, frankly. I’d like to see the old crap fixed or updated.

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I would say continue to classify weapons that are already available, such as separating machine guns and shotguns into two types of damage

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I really don’t want them to add any more variables to damage because they can’t even juggle the current ones for s****


I dont want new damage types but I would like to see impulse play more of a role again. Reapers used to be fun to use vs hovers but now their impulse is nearly non existent.

Give us a dps weapon that has effective impulse.

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I do not want more damage types.

We already have enough weapons. Adding a new damage type just gives them a reason to keep pumping the same old stuff into the game and just give it a different package.

As if they need a reason to do that in which they’re already doing

It seems I wasn’t clear and everyone misunderstood what I meant, yes, it’s the old weapons but differentiating damage types in the original weapons, like setting bullet damage in machine guns to machine gun damage and bullet damage in shotguns to shotgun damage, and then the two types of damage having different effects on the same armor

No. Don’t Mention It :expressionless: They Will At Least Made LoL From This Game :man_facepalming:

Bigfoot tires need crush things they run over.