Most Fun I've Had Here All Year

It started at the Bridge.

For whatever reason (my chat’s off) our whole team suddenly makes this line and just crawls real slow across the Bridge, shoulder to shoulder, letting none pass, laying down all kinds of fire, and tanking it too.

I’m tucked in between the big guys, taking out drones and finishing off rushers, enjoying the fireworks and thunder, but by the time we reach the enemy front line our iron curtain has fallen. Our team had vanished into powder and smoke. We had taken out two of theirs, and then they begin to tear me apart.

Phukit. I charge in, and I notice one other guy has survived in this little mutant hot-rod ahead of me. He’s getting ambushed, but he’s giving them hell. I dive in with him and some kind of violent ballet of mayhem begins. It was beautiful.

Somehow we killed them all except one guy who hobbled back to cap our base. Sure, it might have been swell if we killed them all, but it was too late. We owned their base.

I don’t know if either of us would have survived another shot. I was sure in bad shape, but grinning from ear to ear anyway.

Point is: Team work. That game was one of the most sold team efforts I’ve ever seen in the scrap yard, and as much fun as I’ve ever had here in the Wasteland.

That, and I have some salty things to say about this game every once in a while, and I’m always keen to land it here in the forum when I’m dissatisfied…not that the developers read it or anything (IDK), but that match was way too much fun not to thank the hosts for.

I’m not going to expect every match to be that kind of riot, but that one sure was, so…Thanks Devs. When you’re hot you’re hot.

There was an awesome team on the field too. Ya, Creepy gets a lot of credit (thanks, Creep), but if it wasn’t for that spooky wall of thunder escorting us across the bridge, I wouldn’t have made it, probably. It was definitely cool for a random group, so never mind that other guy who said XO players are a bunch of mouth-breathers (whatever, mr.). That game roster kiktass IMO. Thanks, for the company.


I did have this happen before

Meanwhile I can’t even play on off hours because the game is so dead

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Stay on during off hours and do our part to keep numbers high. I have a feeling lots of players dont update the game so that could be an issue. Too many updates will slow numbers getting on.


If i run between 7000 and 11000 I will get the same 2 4-stacks against 3 random shitters on my team for the next 4-5 hours straight, it’s really fucking sad ngl

Currently forced my 8k Phoenix build down to 6500 and I just had a game with 6 sparks in it, my platform is sad and dead


I’ve been playing too much lately, probably. Maxed out my scrap, and I don’t do that very often.

I’m going back in.

Even at this PS the enemy are ALWAYS higher, never lower, always melee, always trashy… my team are random shitters as usual…

cool there’s just a full sqaud of sparks here too, this games dogshit now, they hid from me on base and i get there only to be aimbot by their dual trigger bot, wtf is this this shit

all dead in 1 min

Enemy team have a dual spark, dual porc, some huge spider and a lance build and a retcher, only lost cos guy tagged me with a single boomstick and rammed my other wheel off, sick… really fun and skillbased gameplay

So what do we suggest that battles are solo only and raids and clan wars and awakening are group friendly?

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That we get crossplay, or solos don’t fight squads, or get region select for consoles, or make stacks only 3 max as console is 6v6, you know, very reasonable stuff that is very implementable but devs give 0 fucks about player enjoyment

Well solos only battles are the best in my opinion. Like in crossout day. The only way you could be together is if you hit play at the same time. I got in alot with my family together lots of times in crossout day event so i can see battles just being strictly solos. Arena wars and clan wars have the group things covered plus others obviously.

They just got to make sure clan mates don’t fight eachother somehow because idk how many times i faced my clan members in battle haha. I usually quit n let them get the win hopefully.

I’d happily play solo only lobbies, but the whales will cry that they cant stop solos in their 4 stack meta squads all day and actually have to fight other cancer

Nice Post @3736931 i could really FEEL the intense fight. Thank you for this !

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I had some really fun matches yesterday. I wasn’t playing that well, mostly because I was testing out some new builds and ideas, but once and a while you get in a match when you really vibe with your random team and back each other up perfectly. I love when the win comes at the very last second. Close games are the best, even if I lose.

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What pisses me off about this game is that I know how much fun it can be, and then it isn’t, and it’s for no known reason or for bad reasons.
I was running about 6K and having a lot of fun, but the glee wore off eventually. I was starting to survive the Borer META, and had a pretty good run, but I think all the team players went to bed. It was time to let someone else play, I guess.

I get that too, so I rotate my builds and it clears up. I have a roster of builds with different gear and play-styles, some I’m good at, and some I’m not. I play them each anyway, and that usually clears up that matchmaker’s grudge. It gives me a better variety of maps too, and sometimes I end up having fun with a play-style I didn’t think I was very good at, like my Cannon build. I think I like the new Stubby Cannon.

The topic of how the matches are “tailored” isn’t a fun one, but if you’re getting that, and aren’t rotating your builds with diverse play-styles, try it. Diversity.

Come to think of it, I need a new joust-rod in my rotation.


Apparently I met my fun quota for the month, because boy is that over. See, ya next month, I guess.

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