Most hated challenges

What are yours & why?

Here’s mine…
Why? I have never played a heavy cab & enjoyed the experience. LOL
I do think the Bastion is pretty good, but it’s just not my thing.
I like the Cohort if I’m playing in a cohesive group, but that’s almost never.

So, when this challenge comes around, I typically slap together something workable with the Jawbreaker & grind it out as fast as possible, but jeeze… a heavy in a raid sux & brawls… well… right now, Bedlam is all that’s available & I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count.

my most hated is destroy x amount of parts or, deal x amount of damage with cannons . I dont keep a cannon build in rotation so i always just grab something off exhibition to knock it out … usually avenger hover

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Damage the enemy so it would come out of stealth.


Whoever created that challenge should not be allowed to work on a position where creativity is a requirement.

Patrol counts.

The new purple cabin is pretty good to do this. Just consider it a cooler and weapon up appropriately.

I can’t think of a match above 12k that didn’t have people with chamleon, perhaps if you try a higher PS to complete this if you can.

I play the same exact 499 durability crappy cannon build each time. I do this one in ez raids.

I dislike all of the banner unlocks I had to do a second time because they changed the unlocks after I already unlocked them. :angry: still working on some of them. Again.

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Jawbreaker, dual Caucasus, Cheetah and Detector and 5 Patrols. Cleared the kill or help kill 25 enemy with Machine Guns Challenge and the Heavy Cabin Challenge at the same time.

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Well, it can be completed even on 4k PS but still: worst challenge here. Because it’s not the regular grind, that’s the routine we’re used to. You’re also rolling the dice here, since none of your enemies can be with Chameleon of Beholder.

Same thing was present before, with wheeled drones. Luckily, they’ve added a couple of them on bots. Right now I can think of exactly three bot crafts with Chameleon. And you can not even be the first who notices and hits it. That’s the main problem here.

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Earn fuel for me, I don’t like strapping on extra explosive bits to my build if I don’t need to, especially with scorpions everywhere poofing them up, or shotguns and machineguns everywhere chewing up my build and exploding them even without trying. Does not help either that you have to play the game with full concentration on not getting your barrels popped if you want to earn any, taking out any remnants of fun this game has to offer.

Another one is shotguns, I don’t like shotguns because they were allowed to stay so OP for so long and every toxic child who has either been punched too little or much in their life favors them and likes to get so high on their own farts over how many kills they get with easy cheesy they could as well be shooting out their own braincells with their shotty pew pews if there were any left to begin with. I feel like I have given up completely when I use a shotgun build, felt the same way about hovers as well until super-oops killed off wheels so bad I have no choice but to hover it up if I want to earn any scraps of scrap in the ps I seem to have ended up at

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oh. I just realized, I do this with an occulus. Not sure if I spelled that right. Not that it helps at lower PS where people simply don’t have them yet.

Oculus. And people on low PS can have everything, including relics.

Have you understood the root of the problem with that challenge? Patch can be awarded only for missions (not even for brawls, although the challenge says you can complte it in both) and your enemies can not use cloak. Or someone else can “spray and pray” and hit them before you, et cetera, et cetera.


yah i get the problem. I am only stating how I get that challenge done pretty easy.

Most of the challenges in this thread are legit gripes. Yours just happened to be one I had a semi strategy for.

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While I’m agreed on the rest, that one I must disagree with.

  1. Using heavy cab: build any crappy car and go conquer patrol 5 times. As easy as a pie.

  2. Destroy a certain amount of parts/deal a certain amount of damage with X weapon: Awakening still exists and it’s free, like real estate (I still remember that gag and it’s hilarious).

  3. Earn fuel: that reqiures PvP action but it’s about your skill rather than a roulette of catching a special enemy in your crosshairs first.

I must confess, that “blind bat” patch is half-done for me. 3/5 (and around 130-150 times already completed). Guess how much I advanced today, when I had to complete about 30 matches cuz 300 scrap metal challenge :crazy_face:

1 and 3 are part dependent.

  1. I forget Awakening even exists. Yeah that should be ez.

Glad you are half way there!

They are. They are also still easy as pies. I mean, challenges are dependent on their own: you have to play the game :crazy_face:

Frankly. I don’t even need that challenge. I’m gonna get another 1000 BP XP, get me last 15 lighters, craft that blue decor I wanted and forget about that crap… because the next heap is coming onto the fan.

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There’s a sweet spot in the PS band where your sure to have an idiot bot come racing in with stealth. I think it’s around 8k.

Strapping on a minigun or machine gun is best to just spray randomly at the beginning of the match… But yeah… Kinda crappy challenge.


As for my gripe, it’s not that it’s hard to complete - just that I don’t enjoy it.

Exactly the point. It’s the matter of personal preference and it doesn’t have to be justified :man_shrugging:

I also know another one, at 6k. It’s a turret bot. It charges past people :laughing:

And that new bot with elephant and tracks, but it’s kinda noticeable.

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