Most versatile cabins

Some cabins work with such a wide number of weapons that you end up using them over and over. These are good cabins for newer players to pick up, so I thought it might be worthwhile starting a thread about them.

The one cabin that I have probably used on the most builds is Harpy. It just makes any explosive weapon so much better, it’s fast, and it looks cool.

I don’t think I have an equivalent cabin for non-explosive weapons, although I will often use Jannabi. Always nice to have an excuse to drive like a maniac.

I make a lot of Hadron builds, because that reload buff can really help a lot of weapons.

And Beholder gets a lot of use when putting a lot of energy towards guns, and eventually the new radar detector cabin will probably end up serving a similar purpose.

What are your go-to cabins? The ones that you reach for over and over?


For me, patch after patch, movement part after movement part, meta after meta, the cabins that always find use are Beholder and Nova. I am always making something with one of these two and getting these fused is the start of a good competitive garage.

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Growl (McCampbell CK) for lights, Quantum for mediums and Jawbreaker or Cohort for heavies.

Wyvern, Werewolf, and Bear get good use.

Bastion, Kronos and Carapace are used for thin tanky builds, speedsters and art builds respectively.

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Torero is the base cabin i use for most all wheel builds, especially double aegis builds.

Humpback is the go-to for all heavy leg builds.

Yokozuna for anything heavy wheel based.


Fav , Aggressor are quite nice and multiuse, currently both in drone builds
But you can use them in particular everything
Mechanist i use it for my heavy builds

Bastion i never did a build with it, i’m always selling it, making it, selling it. Not for coins but

I have two Humpback cabins, for a while now, never used them.

Photon, bought it, fused it, I hardly use it. ( collecting dust).

And the reason my Fav is my most used cab, MGs, SGs, drones (better than torero, howl cab cause tonnage and mass limit)…
Other medium cabs with better mass and/or tonnage, they do compromises, in tonnages, power or form factor or speed.

I am very surprised you have never made a build with Bastion. It is a very versatile heavy, and its vibe seems very suited to your style.
You should give it a try!

My favorite cabin is the kami. It does not have a flashy ability but it has great stats for a super light cabin and is pretty versatile. Removing all negative effects for 4 seconds can allow to win against many types of crafts and it also allow to play in hazardous terrain like acid lakes for a bit longer than other builds.

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You will be even more surprised if i tell you my top 3 favourite builds, use Bastion cabs.

I just went to check which cabs they use… and i was surprised.

Better to look into one more time.

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in my fuze build i used to use harpy because that extra boost to the fuzes explosion radius was huge and dealing extra damage was really nice to. now i find myself not using harpy as much anymore. im using alot of reload weapons now and i use the hadron more. i use the hadron for the jotun as well as the incinerator to. but other weapons that benefit the hadron are really useful to.
i have a bunch of fused cabins but i just dont find myself using them that often. i sometimes use the bastion for that damage resistance but apart from that, the harpy and the hadron i dont really use others. maybe its cause i just do pve? idk. i should try out others.

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Whenever I get bored, I buy a new cabin and see what I can make with it.
Usually I go for cheap cabins that no one uses, so that I’m forced to come up with new ideas and get creative.

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I have been liking Torero it has a really cool shape that lets you easily mount to frame and mount weapons to it, the accuracy boost is great.

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I understand all of that, and it’s fine.
But i use FAV more often ( i don’t have Torero).

In comparison, With FAV i can mount one more plow than with torero.
In reality i find medium cabs the same but with different flavours, And at the time i chose FAV, i came from SGs, that and a little tiny more mass limit than the others

My beef with the Fav cab is that they severely nerfed it’s speed over a year ago. It used to be the slightly-slower-do-i-want-this-perk cabin vs Torero. Now it is firmly planted in the medium speed cabin. Torero is 1000 kgs (more or less, not on the game to check the exact numbers atm) lighter, but can outrun dogs. The Fav cab is a death sentence at top PS with a dog on your ass.

Yeah Harpy is one of the most versatile cabins around. And I would say Deadman is as well, it’s a very good cabin if you use any reloading weapons in pairs, or only 1 of them like Avalanche.

Hadron and King are the superior reload build cab combo, but deadman is much more affordable than that. Omnibox is also good but needs the player to manually manage between the reload buff/movement buff but honestly deadman and omnibox are about equal in usefulness depending on which playstyle the player likes

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The problem I have with omnibox is that switching between modes. Often I will build so that either I’m using the power boost or I’m using the reload/overheat boost, and will leave it on that setting all match.

I do use deadman a lot too, but mostly for the high energy weapons like avalanche, Thyrsus, Kaiju, Yongwang. I’ve tried it with some four energy guns like Parser, and it’s still useful with those triple gun builds, but there are often better options.

Hadron is more useful in more situations though.

I would really like there to be another light fast cabin that boosts reload weapons, but that still works well with more than two guns. Feels like there’s a gap there that should be filled.

What about the biggest elephant in the room, Cacalina?

It’s way too versatile imo most other damage boosting cabins can’t really compete


Is it versatile because of mounting positions?
I dont like Catalinas boost it takes a long time of constant damage to max that boost out, recently switched to Favorite cabin and does more DPS than my previous build

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In the other day i saw a drone build using that cab…
late game he had nothing stacked, plain light cab… over priced cab for that end

It’s one of the med cabs that has more mass limit, overheat boost it’s all that matter. :slight_smile:

If you can get over the fact it’s not symmetrical, Cohort is nice for me, I love heavy armor. For new players that can’t afford a big cab like that, I’d get a growl, but after you get enough for something better, you won’t need it much anymore.

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