Sometimes it’s fun just to ride around the wasteland map and do whatever. One thing I’d like to do is be able to climb to the top of the mountains just for kicks. I equipped a lightweight car with a Skinner and rocket boosters, but the invisible boundaries stop you from getting very far up or on top of the plateaus. What would it take for the devs to implement something like this? I understand why you would not be allowed to do this in combat missions, but it would still be alot of fun.

Then again, this could lead to a new “mission”, something like a poker run where players have to climb to the tops of plateaus to retrieve a series of playing cards before a timer runs out; the person with the most cards (or best winning hand) wins some silly prize. Maybe some specialized traction tires (gummy tires?) could even be invented to work with the harpoon to get you up there. Anybody think this would be something cool to be able to do?


My climber…



Nah, no possibility for a cashgrab. I believe expanded Awakening with lots of maps could have your idea, though.

I definitely do.
Rock Crawling was my latest fetish right when they “updated” the forum. I was building a collection of pretty cool screen-shots and vids (IMO) when they canned the old forum. I was posting them to a thread dedicated to it. You should start one. I’d be glad to post my adventures there and I think I’ve got a few cool screen-shots and a video or two to add.

The last time I went out there to crawl around there were a lot of other people doing it too. It’s way more popular than I had expected, and if they did expand our ability to crawl around by taking down some invisible walls, I’m certain many us would enjoy it

This is my latest hopper. It’s got a Skinner under-mounted so I don’t miss those critical jumps.

Anyway, I’m totally with you on this. It’s a blast, I think, and I’d love for the developers to expand our reach and maybe reward our explorations with some of their fantastic art direction, like maybe adding random weather and sunsets to adventure mode, so as to improve the screen shots. Some of the views are pretty spectacular, IMO, but would be better if we had some variety in the sky.