Movement part grip got nuked too much

Omnis, Augers, tracks, and gerridas lost way too much grip. Way too much. I advocated for a grip nerf on most of them but only so they have enough give to them when cornering so they will always slide before they tip. This massive grip nerf destroyed the responsiveness of our steering and increased our steering radius to the point where its not possible to outmaneuver dog players with any level of skill.

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idk, i love my small tracks now,i can do donuts like wheels do,not sure about the other tracks.
before the small tracks would just make a wide circle,now they just drift when u turn.
im happy with that

I’m welcome to some drifting but I think its excessive.

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as long i can push them recks out of the way with the traction and drift,them i’m good.
but i hear what ur saying,they could use a little tweaking between the drift and traction,could use more traction but still drift when turning.

I just want enough traction to juke dogs reliably. If they slipped up and gave me enough slack to reverse away at full speed I should be able to juke them reliably.

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Might have to do what xo_guy does and build a light 120 kph cab 5k under mass limit. Youll lose the dogs in no time…just uh, watch out for cannon bots xD xD xD


Just gotta not use blue wheels lol

Burn them.

Because im stupid and apparently still believe in santa, i tried to make a heavy-ish sleipnir build to see what it can do.
Even bought 2 of them to compliment my 6 fused ones.
Since my gerridas got nerfed and practically none of my builds worked anymore, might aswell try!
Sold them again about an hour later.

Tried to play some of my not-so-old omni wheels builds in 15k, they are unresponsive and get stuck everywhere. A 7 omni build is basically unplayable.

Tried my atoms which i bought 8 when they released…They were supposed to be the better omnis…HAHA,yea, that went well! For tanks and heavy builds maybe somewhat useable, for anything medium and below, dont bother.

At that point i decided i got frustrated enought, stick to whatever works for as long as im enjoying the game and thats it.
Already stoped the game since last September and been back 3 weeks now and im far from impressed.
At least when gerrida was strong we had some fun builds, every weapon was playable and effective to an extend.
Now its back to breaker in your face nothing you can do bullcrap.

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The ability for light, wheeled cabins to push almost all other movement part builds, regardless of mass, is the big problem.

It is bad enough how inefficient atoms are in most areas, but when a heavy atom build can get bullied by a light cabin wheel build, they have no real role to play. The same goes for most of the movement parts.

I agree, they made hovers almost useless awhile ago by making them very wobbly when changing directions, and now omni and atom wheels also turned into wobble cars when you mouse steer and stop.
The only parts that are still viable for frontal facing weapons with strafe options are legs if you ask me.

Yeah, everything that isn’t on epic wheels just feels boatlike. I feel like the devs are trying to indirectly buff wheels by nerfing the control and maneuverability of everything else. What I would do is:
<Increase grip on tracks, omnis, atoms, and gerridas close to what it was. They are uncontrollable.
<Decrease inertia on hovers but add a throttle delay when switching directions. Hovers should feel snappier and more controllable, but with enough delay to be slower than people’s reaction time and weapon turn speed.
<Give wheels unconditional full reverse speed and diagonal steering but nerf their durability and perks.
<Give ML200 the instantaneous acceleration that hovers used to have years ago. They are hydraulic and slow enough to deserve that.
<Add spacebar handbrake to every single movement part.

I feel like my ideas here would make movement way better overall.

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Its because the devs nuked omni/atom grip. I tried to play omnis but they really butchered all my builds in the past year. Nuked Astraeus. Nuked Omnis. Nuked bullet damage weapons with all the resistances armor gets now against bullet damage. They nuked everything except hit & run epic wheel builds.

Hovers are still used often at the highest levels, as are punnys and breaker/hammerfalls.

I dont think gerridas should have push power…that is the downside to their speed.

I dont think wheels should go diagonal…again, the downside of speed.

I like the ML idea. Give them something to stand out. Same idea for grinders. They are HUGE with moderate dura. They are often unstable when u lose just one. Give them quick acceleration tocmake up for their slow speed and other cons.

Tracks should be able to turn against any movement part, assuming close to equal mass and power. Give them more acceleration as well.

If a heavy atom build could push/turn on a small build of any movement part type, I would consider using them. But they need a buff either way.

I’m more about increasing the skill ceiling and potential for fun and build variety with movement parts than I am about maintaining a balance status quo, which is why I can easily have all these ideas about movement part changes.

New players have literally zero ability to learn how to get this good until they get 4 epic omnidirectional movement parts. Its literally impossible for them to get good and have this kind of fun with shitty wheels. Everybody should be able to have this kind of fun.

NIEN! They should have the lowest traction, you’re not even touching the ground! Omnis should have their nerf rolled slightly back, the nerf was a bit much. (And that’s coming from me, the hater of Omnis.) Gerridas feel fine. Atoms/tracks need a lot more traction, and the Omni should be excluded from the Golden Eagle’s perk.

I agree that traction parameters could be improved, but I don’t think it has as much to do with movement part type as some of you do.

First of all, traction while driving is a different beast than traction while pushing (or pulling with a skinner).

When driving, wheels have the least traction, and that’s fine, as we need to be able to do skid turns and be able to drift. However, I do think there is too big of a difference in traction between various surfaces. Yes, sand or ice should be slippery, but not as much as they currently are. That extreme slip makes wheels very hard to drive, and causes heavier leg builds to lose traction on slippery hills and slow down too much. Also, mass balance has too much of an impact on handling. Dial everything back a bit.

When pushing or pulling, the mass of your vehicle has a big impact, but the speed of your vehicle has even more. Hit a heavy vehicle while going fast in a light vehicle, and you will be able to push it. Try the same thing from stop, and you won’t be able to move your victim. The inertia factor is probably a little too high. As well, the amount of movement parts seems to play a role, as well as the unused tonnage/mass limit of your vehicle, and of course power too.
There is also a huge difference between pushing/pulling a victim sideways than hitting them head-on. This makes sense, but is also too exaggerated.

TLDR: it’s not the traction values for individual movement parts, but rather that the various traction modifiers are cranked too high.


I think its better they leave them as they are, once you get the hang of them, they are not that bad.

I loved wheels. Now i just play them. Like most other movement parts. They are better than most atm though. Full reverse dont know, a good 70% that goes to 100 with hot red im all for though.

Yes, 150%.
I would also advocate for some stat improvements on legs, especially mass/structure ratio compared to their size.
Tiny not turning racing style wheel 1600-1750 tonnage, huge machine leg made to withstand construction working pressures, 1900 tonnage.
Im not a realism seeker, but there are certain levels of suspension of dispelieve that i cannot go above.

Its because the game tonnage is completely irrational, so wedge mechanics fly out the window unless you are playing superheavy vs very light you can pottentially get pushed by anything.

The big “solution” they found to nerf gerrida was a 200 kg tonnage reduction. Making them impractical to be used on anything except light cabins, because you need double digit legs to properly cover any tonnage differentials above 12k kg.

Unless they fix tonnage, its going to be like that.

The gerrida was made for a light cabin (Kronos)… that’s it’s intended purpose.

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