Movement Part Upgrade Special


Now it’s the time for the last upgrade special in our summer set — this weekend you will be able to upgrade your movement parts at a reduced cost! From August 11, 12:00 GMT, to August 15, 11:59 GMT, you will need only one additional (identical) part to upgrade your movement parts.

Please, pay attention that not all parts participate in these summer upgrades specials:

  • For the “upgrade removal” specials you can not use those that are part of the “Road to Singularity” season and “Foxy’s secrets” event (either new parts or those produced on the workbench of the season / event).
  • In all the “upgrade” specials you can’t use parts that are included in reward scales of: “Road to Singularity” season, “Polar lights” season and “Foxy’s secrets” event. Parts that are present on workbenches of both “Road to Singularity” season and “Foxy’s secrets” events also do not participate in these specials.

Any of you all doing this? I might do a few Claw wheels.

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I’ve been waiting… I’ve been prepping for this one for months & filled up my inventory with movement parts.
First was hardware, then I did cabs, now on to movement parts. I suppose after this, I need to focus on weapons. I didn’t get all my cabs fused, either.

The last time they had this special was back in March…

Reduced upgrade cost for movement parts! - Discussion - Crossout

I’m using more lower PS wheels than the higher tier stuff simply because I’m playing lower PS builds more often than not. High PS movement parts aren’t worth it down low.

That being said, I’m upgrading:
Chained Wheels
Gun Mounts
Large Wheels (highly under-rated, imo)
Big Foot

I might do Omnis, Icarus IVs, & Small Tracks… can’t decide if I want to keep sets of 6 & 8 or fuse 'em for sets of 4.

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I think a set of four fused +Power omni wheels is an 8K staple for some really good builds. I strongly recommend doing those.

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Just a thought…

If you’re fusing a bunch of stuff, be sure to fuse un-tradeable items with other un-tradeable items so you don’t fuse an un-tradeable with a tradeable.

Did that make sense?


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I finally got those other 3 sabbaths fused up, and 3 more icarus iv. Now i have all epic movement parts fused with sets of 4 to 9, depending on which movement part it is. I guess im missing sleipnirs, but im not really missing them.


Wow, there’s a lot of upgrading going on. I’m just waiting for deez:

What would the most apposite name be? “Chestnut”? How would we abbreviate it? What would de-wheeling be called?
And, most importantly, will you guys be using your freshly-upgraded wheels after deez nuts drop, hopefully on Thursday? :chipmunk:

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I fused 3 Bigfoot steering. 1 for power resistance and two for traction and durability. I had to reroll the traction ones because the first roll was tonnage.