Mr Twister rewards

Ok, I won these why don’t the parts show up, the only reason I bought the pass is to get these, Nowhere that I could find stated these are not yours if so show me, please…

That’s a premade vehicle only available for use as the premade vehicle in the Mr. Twister mini battle pass event. It’s not the same as say buying a pack and getting all the parts.

I didn’t read that anywhere, it didn’t state that in the advert for the battle pass…

Special versions of blueprints for the “Judgment night” brawl - Paid version
New blueprints for the “Judgment Night” brawl - Free version

They just aren’t very good at describing stuff.

If they do not clearly state it, they are ours, it needs to be spelled out///

Blueprints are given out with levels from factions regularly from the start of the game and work the same way 100% of the time.

Good luck LOL

I’m level 35 Mr. Twister, if I buy the Battle Pass now, will I get all the rewards?

Yes. And, if you play through, you will get enough lighters for a fused legendary. The fused Beholder cab is must have for most hover or Omni Wheel builds.