Muninn Cab Needs an Instruction Manual

I thought it was broken.

Anyone else?

It is triggered differently than I thought. After toying with it a bit, it seems to make sense to me.

There are TWO different actions the cab has on your launched drones, and they’re triggered differently from one another.

To make your drones target a specific enemy, launch the drone with the trigger for said drone.
Point your mouse at the intended target.
Fire the trigger for that drone again.

To make the cab increase the damage from your drones, hit the trigger for the cab.

They can be triggered completely independently from one another.

Now, to go attempt to build that drone-boat I was imagining.


I haven’t gotten that far, but my initial impression was that it will go straight into the garbage. It’s power-score is too high for the type of drones it’s designed for, unless they buff them…instead of ninja nerf them like they appear to have been.

My drones are suddenly hella stupid, like they’ve had their A.I. nerfed. I mean they were tricky to encourage towards targets before, but now they like to orbit my position super tight and get lost if I drive away much more often…almost like I need a special cab to feed them directions. I sense unannounced BS developer magic aimed at making this new cab relevant, which is typical for this game.

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took me 1 match of my drones dying instantly to figure this out , and a few more to go back to howl lol , i have good luck with the howl … but on the munnin it seems like directing them confuses them more at times

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I think the build I had was still sub 10k, so not terrible…

Or plan on adding higher drones in future BP’s. That totally suck unless you have this cabin.


This new cabin and fuse match well, when the drone approaches the opponent, turn on the skill and if it hits normally it can deal around 1000 points of damage while watching from the sidelines without having to confront anyone head on