Museum issues

Now there is a problem with the label of parts in the museum:

Searching for multiple parts should not satisfy only one of them,It should be to have all the parts at the same time.

The “or” relationship should appear in a label, for example, the appearance of two weapons in one label means that the blueprint must have one of the two weapons, and then the blueprint must also have the requirements of the other labels


I personally think the old system of searching was better. But I do like the new labels and features.


ah yes i just made a post about this exact problem, the exhibition no longer has a working filter system to find a vehicle that has weapon + wheels + cabin etc, when i search for blight, incinerator, hover, i want to see blight incinerator hover, now, hover with anything, or blight with anything, or incinerator with anything, I want the exact thing I search for or nothing at all