Mute for clan search in native language

hello , today [ 2022.06.24 time 13:40 ] my friend was muted on clan and group search becase he ask about new clan and his rules with other friend , after one moment he was muted for one day because this chat is , english room no more "

the mute is for 1 day, but the mere fact of mutating into your mother tongue is not very fair.

if he spammed or insulted someone, I understand that

Platform [PC]


Im going to have to agree that people want to play with people that speech their language. This is an unfair rule.

If he is not being rude, he should be able to look for a clan in his native tongue. Also, if he was warned in English… who’s to say he even understood the warning…


In game mods? They’re aren’t good mods at all.

This is funny. I was online at this time and he was warned 5 times not to do clan search in native tongue. He was asked nicely to place it in English and he responded to the GM that he will do what he wants and the GM cannot tell him what to do.

The GM also told him that in clan search just ask for players from your region. He did not want to listen and kept spamming after he was warned.

His English was very good so saying he did not understand is false.

To add - I asked the Game Moderator why English only is because you can set the language. In English chat the Moderators to stop bad or inappropriate language cannot speak all languages to know what is bad which is why it is English Only.

I sse it in this perspective: if they are more than happy to take the money from people around the world, they should at the very least let their clients talk in their native language so long they are not spamming.

I bet XO’s younger audience is made of teens in its majority, so if some teenagers can’t deal with naughty words eventualy I also don’t believe they are mentaly stable enough to these kind of games anyway.

That’s why its hard to monitor the speech on an online game… you either don’t do it at all (which is the option I believe be the best, we can change channels and blacklist players for a reason) or you have to become a tyrant… the middle ground costs a lot of resources for the little to none payback it gives.

Remember - this is a free to play game even though most people do spend on the game. Its rated at PG13 so they have to moderate for this age.

I agree - better to be safe than sorry especially if you have 5 warnings from a game moderator and then ignore them