Mute for talk about clan's in my native language


please point me to the place in the rules of the game where it says that I can’t chat in the chat

not the first time I met with this gm that as soon as there is a discussion in Polish, everyone catches muta immediately, I asked for an indication of the rules on the basis of which you cannot talk in your native language [I asked in a private message] and in the rules of course there is a note that when writing a private message, which is not a threat or a death wish, etc … it will not be considered, and if someone doesn’t like it, it can mutate me

please unmute me and Jarek_Witkowski , i am muted for private message to gm , and my friend was muted for 1 message about other polish clan [ normal message ]

i has ask to u @GM nqbigfoot
for what u mute all polish member , and me for NORMAL private message ?? i want unmute and sorrys for that because this is not first time …


If you think you have received an unjustified sanction, you can appeal it following this link Game rule violations & Appeals against a penalty - Rules - Crossout

Opening a public topic on the forum is not the procedure to address it.