MVP and UNYEILDING Need 10+ more resources

it’s time to give us the rewards we deserve…
Plus it will inspire players to do their Best

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Yes i feel the Same, i did 8 Kills in a PVP Match and reward was 8 batteries lol.

Not even a Banner or something.

The rewards are the clips and the fun. I want more XP though. Good players should be rewarded but I don’t think it should be a race to be the best to get item rewards. It ends up making the game not fun when meta sweat is the fuel vehicles run on, and when good players are all trying to engage in a runaway feedback loop. The player is already really good, you don’t need to augment them by giving them that much more of a mechanical advantage with extra resources.
I do however want more XP for faction structure parts.

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It would be nice if they did one for 8 kills.

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We actually need an “ace” patch for 8 kills in a match.


Then you’ll see some robot killers :rofl:

Only if they start giving points for stripping weapons specifically instead of giving points like you shot off a lunatic part. As of right now this would only benefit explosive players who usually finish mvp because they gain points easier than mgs and scorps.