My Crossout guide to new players

GUIDE level 1-10 (PC)

  1. First things to know, remember and do:

    • Important thing to remember to progress fast, is that you have a daily bonus of 400% for the 70000 first reputations points that gradually get reduced until 0%. This bonus is restored when you reach any new faction level, and every day at GMT+0. If your bonus is exhausted and you’re not about to reach a new level soon, better come back the next day instead of grinding slowly reputation points! Hover the BATTLE button to know your bonus status.

    • First and main goal is to follow and finish the tutorial and reach Engineers level 10, it’ll unlock you a variety of weapons. Then you’ll be able to try them and get used to them.

    • Add players as friends (tab on a game or scoreboard, right click + add as friend) until 5 accept. You’ll meet players and get some resources later when honking their car visiting your garage (more on that later).

  2. At Engineer level 3 you have access to exhibition already. Search and aim to make “EAB Chords E7”. In the meantime, you can use the faction blueprint “Starter car”, and later the “Viper” and “Workhorse” (You need them to discover and get use to their different playstyle and to do the tutorial), just add a pair of middle wheels to keep mobility longer in battle.

  3. At Engineer level 5, the Daily missions are available as well as Patrol mode and easy raids. You can get 275 scrap per day by doing all daily missions, and it’s easy to do them against bots in Patrol mode. Just do 5 Patrol battle with requested weapon, and 2 easy raids.

  4. At Engineer level 7, you can find and use “EAB Chords E7”, “EAB Luparas E7”, and “EAB Avengers E7”, improved versions of the factions blueprints.

  5. At Engineer level 8, you have access to part of the Market

    • Main thing, every time you sell something, you lose 10% of it’s selling price as taxes! Don’t make impulsive purchases or sales!

    • Quick buy and quick sell will get the action done immediately at the least advantageous price, so don’t do that, and think, test, get informed before going toward such cabin, playstyle or weapons. Be patient!

    • Check the highest buy offer and make one just a little higher (when buying), and to check the lowest sell offer and place one a little lower. Be patient and revise your offers when needed.

    • Some items at some moments can be more interesting to craft than to buy and vice versa. To know many informations about item’s prices, crafting cost and many more, use the website (PC)

    • Some items can’t be bought without the second authentication factor, that you can enable here

  6. At Engineer level 10, you should be at the end of the tutorial! You know have access to all game mode except “Get the Batteries” and Hard raids

  • Get free packs and stickers here Free promotional packs from Crossout and its partners! - News - Crossout and here Why not getting those sweet stuffs before? Because the gear in those packs have higher part limit and gear from better rarity so you Powerscore will increase, matching you with stronger opponents before getting familiar with the game.

  • Faction choice and leveling: You can switch factions whenever you want and you keep all progress doing so. So you want to level ALL basic factions quite equally because:

    • Each higher level requires more reputation, so the lowest level faction is easier to raise,

    • Each level gives you new parts,

    • Each new level reset the daily bonus.

    However starting with Lunatic faction is a good idea as they have light frames. Before that, just unlock all levels 1 by switching factions back and forth.


Would be nice if we have a guide section again…

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Guide to Hybrid Rig Making 6-8k PS

You should append this to state join all the secondary factions to gain their level 1 parts and open up their workbenches.

I remember when I started I neglected to start all of the secondaries for a while thinking I should just level one of them up at a time. So I cheated myself out of the some of the easiest to get parts for a while.


Yeah I wrote it at the very end

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Do you know how to connect a PS5 Controller to Crossout? It’s connected to my PC, but I Can’t get it to change in game. This is a dealbreaker for me because I originally started playing on PS5, I’m on a laptop without a mouse, and touch pad is a huge No-Go. If i’m in the wrong fourm, as I am new to these forms, please direct me to the correct form.

i know this is no help but, yeah, PS5 controller is supposed to work. I used a controller from Stadia which is supposed to be the same thing. worked fine.

That is the right forum but I’m not sure how to enable your controller.
Check it in-game on settings, controller parameters