My Crossout Montages

Here are all of my Montages from the past year or so, feel free to post your own here too -

Alphabetical order as that was how my folder was set up


Damn Fortune Montage 2 gotta be my fav just behind Spring Mayhem, what a nonstop meta killing ride, peak Gerrida meta.

Talking editing for a moment did you see the demo for adobe’s new audio gen AI?

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I haven’t as I’m honestly not a big video editing person, animation/motion graphic and video are the parts of design I don’t know much about. But if their Photoshop AI has shown us anything then it should be pretty wild.

Love this. Heather montage is the best.


Thanks, I almost never released the Heather one because I didn’t like it much so it sat in my folder for ages but decided I may as well just share it

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Heather montage OP.

Looking forward to the rest of them my man

Great editing too. The 10 consecutive shots follow by 10 kills, slick af

Cheers, I watched them all back myself and forgot how many massive hovers were in the Retcher montage, no crippled enemies there

I use to teach professors and students how to edit mostly for research project presentations, It looks very promising. The music tracks you had in your vids kind of made me think about it as it would let you be able to prompt via the time key to change the intensity and mood feel of the track from the looks of what I’ve seen so far.

Nice, yeah when I did graphic design in college I skipped a year with a bunch of other students and the year we skipped had video editing and animation units. Good job you can just YouTube tutorial pretty much anything you could ever need.

I do try to line up bass drops in my montages with some shots if possible, but sometimes I can’t be bothered. I do have a full Adobe subscription so whenever it gets into beta I can test it out, I’m already the one in our friend group who generative AI’s a bunch of stuff for people lol

I actually built an entire media lab at a graduate school just as youtube was getting popular. Part of the nick name is from my dumpster diving habits on campus looking for equipment and furniture before we started getting grants. Most of the job was recording and distribution of lectures. When I left I even had some robots for making dvds in lab.

Timing is everything to build excitement levels in video. One of the reasons I don’t post a lot of media is because I know how much time it takes to do it well. I have been having a ball with the GenAI stuff though.

I’m still using older version but I also use a lot of other opensource software to compensate. If I was more productive I’d go get a subscription. I kind of miss when they just sold full copies though.

I’ve been sitting around playing with chatbot AI’s and classical history books for the last few months doing generative text. It’s really hard to get them to not be bias on every little issue. You pretty much hae to go back into the source material and re-write lines to make it sound nicer.

The entire Scorpion montage was gone to the music, every shot was lined up with piano note

Honestly the part that takes the longest is shortlisting clips, I have to watch entire videos to see if there’s any clip worthy parts, then put into premiere and cut it down etc… I can usually make a montage in a few hours or more but I don’t do any special editing really… I could do a lot more but that’s a lot of effort for a little game montage.

Honestly if you’re not using things often then just pirate everything you can, I only pay for it all because it’ll be part of my job if I work again… so it’s worth having it all around still and staying up to date. My friends all pirate their software and keys, no point caring what others think of it.

I admit I’ve barely been keeping up with AI stuff and I really need to, I know what I can use it for currently but I don’t have a need to yet.

I noticed the effort while going through them.

There is one crafty little marker trick you could try: just to see if it will work in your workflow not everyone are the same.

I understand how long it takes I have my headphones on most of the day just listening to clips. Sometimes even multiple headphones just from switching between computers. I do get tangled up often.

I do that too but if I’m productive on something I tend to go buy it to be fair to them. I don’t really like dealing with trail time restrictions so I often might grab something to try it for a longer period before I decide. I’m just not dedicated enough to deal with 30day deadlines most of the time.

It’s changing so fast that it’s actually a little challenging. I’ve been taking a break playing with the graphics trying to pick up the text portions a bit more. Currently messing around with this an a crap ton of txt books I’ve downloaded: NVIDIA Chat With RTX currently the only use I’ve really found for it is user manuals as it doesn’t really do well with cross comparatives across what you input into it via source material.

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Well… this game doesn’t have replays, to do such a thing one must run some sort of video recording in the background which i’ll do, then edit, and that will take some time.
However i did a similar thing once ( my very first attempt), a very crude version of what you did in celebration of one of mine builds…
But i think i managed to tell a story.
Here it is.

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Impulsive Montage is the best!

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Thanks, that mode was awesome. I wish more people played it to launch others instead of just instant-killing them, some great clips

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