My game did this mid battle

I was battling for scrap at 12k PS (not common, but it’s what I do), and all of a sudden during a battle this happens:


I clicked test network and it still isn’t working, won’t show me anything

Why did it do this? I got kicked from the battle too. :sob:

I was on about the same time & the server was reloading the match starting count down over & over . I logged off. I just tried to log into the game and it isn’t loading at all

I see this happen all the time.

This happens to me a lot too
I am semi-convinced this is done by enemy players who are hacking or have some kind of DC thing they can use, because I swear this only happens mid-battle after I absolutely humiliate a random build, but never in any kind of other combat.

Like using a 12k PS thresher build and managing to stomp out a metabrick build that ends up getting flipped by terrain after trying to manage to hit me while chasing, and then me just popping everything underneath the build, as a raw example of the kinds of situations where I run into this the most.

But on the other hand my internet is not the best by any long means, would not recommend my current provider to anyone, but I still find it kinda weird how it only happens when I am doing good in a match, rather than at random or in any match where I am getting 0 kills and a few assists

That targem shutting down XO to put their new cashgrab online :smiling_face_with_tear: