My hypotheses on the lag and other issues

Ok so you greatly exaggerated lol.

Let’s just say your not far off :slight_smile:

Life is good for sure.

My gaming rig for Crossout is:
Xbox Series X
Xbox elite controller 2 with custom Scuf hardware
85 inch Samsung Qled 4K
Bose sound bar and bass - no full surround sadly
1gig internet

And Crazy enough (in the last year) we did build a 1960 style retro coffee, wine and beer bar in our kitchen.

Also I have my own dedicated gaming room.

Don’t live on a yacht, yet! But we do live in Florida so we are right near beach.

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I get issues off and on but it’s been no better or worse in recent days. There’s no one update or coming update that I can really pin it to. I have multiple computers that I can connect with and it happens to all of them. It’s only so often that it’s so bad that I can’t play and costs me fuel, never enough to complain about but it’s still fuel. Normally a restart or relog is enough to deal with it as it is seldom twice in a day.

I’m hardwired, and have replaced entire legs in the home network and that really didn’t do anything either. I really think somedays are better than others for this issue. If your having really bad problems the first step really is to remove everything that can cause an issue. So what you want to do is plug directly into the modem and see if you have the same issue.

Guilty. I’m an artist. I was born to exaggerate. I live to exaggerate. I stop exaggerating when I die. I try not to lie…but I will tend to greatly overstate the facts and use lots of…“garnish.” Some people like to call that “bullschit,” but I call it “expression.”

I am what I am.

Sounds nice, Monkey. I love coffee and retro anything. It’s way too easy to be nostalgic these days, I think. Maybe that’s why I pretend my computer is older than it is.

I used to live in Key West when my dad was in the Navy back in the 70’s. I miss the beaches and the salty air, but the mountains are nice where I live too.

I like the monkey pic :slight_smile:

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I love the mountains too. I lived in the mountains in California and Oregon for half my life. That’s the one thing I hate about Florida… it’s flat.

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