My hypotheses on the lag and other issues

Thinking back now I realize all my major lag/rubbing banding/crashing started soon after they announced the crossplay. Never before in the years, I’ve played I had this serious lag/issues let alone lasting for months now! But currently, it started getting better than worst, and so on too now the game is playable and feels more like it was before all these issues arose.
So I was thinking it’s them working on the crossplay/servers causing these issues and maybe instead of being adults about it, they just went with it’s not on our end it’s on yours instead of saying look were doing maintenance and upgrading it’ll affect your game while we’re doing so and deal with complaints they just went with na na na na it’s your fault?
I could be wrong and overthinking stuff though!

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No lag on Xbox

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I’ve seen people on Xbox complain about lag in the past few months, it’s nice you didn’t get any but others have and on PS too

Still getting crazy lag and rubber banding in every single match and raids can’t even complete my battle pass lol btw I’ve already removed this garbage from my console no more money for lagout :skull_and_crossbones:

Yes, but I also have another theory about that.

I always buy the newest Xbox on day one, and I have 1 gig internet.

The only people I ever hear complain about lag are in old systems with not as good connection.

Eh okay, not everyone can buy the newest and most overpriced systems, but still the lag is real and started after they announced crossplay

I will agree with you.

Everyone can not have the best.

BUT if the best fixes the issue, then it is not the server.

Hardware etc makes no difference, it’s the servers, no other game i play has issues like crossout lol

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Let me guess, your on an old xbox?

Anyone else experience frame rate drops? My computer runs 60 FPS on high graphics settings, until it runs into hiccups and my frame rate drops for a few seconds. I’ve lowered the graphics setting, but the problem still persists.

I’m on PC and I get these issues occasionally, but not currently.

I doubt anybody is running an older system than I. It’s a rig I cobbled together myself about 15 years ago. I used what were for its time outstanding components, but it’s tech that is over 20 years old at this point…not that a lot has changed, really.

Point is…Consoles suck? Just kidding. Point is, I think if I can run it without issues, their issues might not have anything to do with their supposedly outdated equipment. Also, why would the issue be sporadic and occasional, then clear up, if they aren’t tinkering with their interface on their side. It’s unusual for mechanical issues (if they had one) to just clear up on their own, I think.

I think the developers do occasionally interrupt their server efficiency to run unannounced maintenance from time to time. I also feel like they try to do that at low traffic hours, as that seems to me to be when I have severe lag issues, if I do…which I’m not presently.

Sounds like you might need to consider changing your moniker to “PamperedMonkey.” I’m imagining you’ve got a monster sized screen, surround sound, stocked bar, a disco light, and play from a super-yacht adrift in the Caribbean, through a satellite link you connect to via your friends at DARPA. :wink:

I’m on an older PS4, and the only times I see any significant lag is during the few days around significant updates, and that always resolves itself.
But my internet is pretty consistent these days, and I live in a relatively densely populated area, so those may be factors in my experiences.

I’m on a series with ethernet, like all my other friends who also notice the input lag and bad latency because we drive fast vehicles and have the reflexes to notice it

What part of the world do you live in? Maybe there just aren’t enough players in your region?

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What like an amd athalon with 1.1gigz? That was what I build twenty years ago. Well… I overclocked it to 1.1gig. Lol

It’s probably regional and the fact that your on a platform with zero population. So you get tossed in to servers far away and lag. Crossplay by the end of the year should make a huge difference on how many people experience lag.

I have a garbage internet connection and a regular ps4. I have maybe a Seccond of lag every so often right at the beginning of the game while players are still loading in, but that’s it.

If I do experience real lag it’s only because Devs are doing live maintenance on servers. The last time I experienced actual lag was very long ago. Like probably over a year, if not more.

Your hypothesis is merely a conspiracy theory.

But hang in there. Like I said crossplay should save you from the Xbox lag monster.

The people with bad reflexes cannot literally detect the lag. It’s input delay. The easiest telltale is wheel wavering as I call it. Simply put, turn a car on wheels, and pay close attention to when you let go of the steering input. If there is bad input lag, the wheels will straighten, and then for a second they will resume the turn and immediately straighten back out. It will looks as if you were turning right, straightened out, and then decided to turn again for a millisecond. The shape of movement will be a ‘s’ but extremely subtle. The worse the lag, the worse this phenomenon will be.

On PS4 launch consoles, the upload speed is extremely throttled (limited). I have 250gb internet, and consistently get 160mb download. I also consistently only get 4-5mb upload. I suspect this is what is causing this, along with limited server hubs. North American servers are great, unless they are 3,000 literal miles away, the distance from one side of the USA to the other. We need to have servers dotted throughout the regions, but something tells me they found a bargain bin dealer in BFE with reasonable rates and said “f* it, good enough.”

Tl;dr - There are not enough server hubs within the regions, and having outdated equipment is exacerbating the problem of reaching these servers for some horrible ping. Also, people without the reflexes to notice it will say everything is fine.

Yeah funny how the boomers literally can’t tell, kekw

What’s with all the “boomer” hate lately?

My graphics card is a fairly modern NVIDIA (8 years old), because it recently crashed and I had to update it, but that’s about it. My Motherboard is from the 90’s though, and so are the Processors (2 dual-quad-core). I have updated the RAM and a couple hard-drives to less ancient gear so…I exaggerated a little, maybe…it does have a floppy drive though. That’s pretty vintage, ain’t it?