My leviathan has been hacked or bugged

Title says it all. Past 50 games or so and my levi have dealt 0 damage in invasion. Literally zero, I gets 1 copper per match, it just happened right out of the blue when on average it gets 3 kills per match. I tried 57k, 56k and then dropping the ps down to 54k to make sure it ain’t the same players doing it and the result is always the same, my levi just sits around doing nothing in invasion it seems and it started happening around 3 days ago shortly after I left a negative steam review for crossout.

They seem to have installed a secret update recently, or I missed the notice, but the game is different (sucks more) than it was last week, I think. I don’t have a Leviathan so can’t can’t comment on that, but I think frames have been nerfed or some guns now target modules better. I’ve had people knock my guns off with Borers multiple times recently too, and that really wasn’t a thing before. I’m surprised nobody else notices this kind of thing, and I don’t think it’s my imagination.

The developers haven’t been very good about informing their public of what they’re up to lately, so who knows? I do think they changed some things recently that were left unannounced.

Right now my levi got a aurora, 2 destructors, 2 cyclones, 1 kaiju, 4 imps, 1 toadfish, 1 heather, 1 trombone, radar detector, 2 ammo packs and what not, All of it is upgraded with exception for the cyclones and I can’t deal out any damage at all.

I’ve never had any luck with that feature (Leviathans) and gave up on it years ago, so IDK. It does seem odd that yours suddenly stopped working, since supposedly nothing has changed as far as updates are concerned. Personally, I get tired of the magical unexplainable BS that happens with this game, and I think the developers screw with the features and mechanics a lot more than they tell us they do.

I know I enjoy the game a lot less than what I used to. Is your issue personal? IDK. Can they make personal issues for players they think suck? IDK. I would guess they can. I don’t see why not. Would they? IDK. How much power do moderators have? I don’t think they have the access to those kinds of manipulations, and I doubt developers would take anything any player said personal, or give it any attention at all. Moderators might get personal, but I don’t think they have the jurisdiction or ability to affect that kind of change. Hackers? IDK. This game is ripe with a-holes, that’s for sure, but could they do something like this? IDK.

I think it’s more likely they ninja nerfed schit again, and your Levi is feeling it. Could be a sporadic internet connection in your region, too, I suppose. My money is on developer magic and extracurricular BS that wasn’t announced. I think there is a lot that gets by this player-base (people in general) without them noticing.

I was playing invasion all day just to see what my levi was doing and unfortunately I couldn’t get a match against it so I will try again tomorrow during peak hours to find out what it is doing.
Everyone else’s levi got wrecked but at least they were doing damage to a degree so it seems to only be happening with mine. My levi gets lots of matches, usually about once every half an hour or so during peak hours so I know it is more than just bad luck with a large sample size like that.

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Also I thought it might have been a bug with the 5 claws that I threw on it the other day because when you lose a claw it disables the energy weapons but I tried it after without the claws and I ended up getting the exact same results so that can’t be it.

i think mine is around 20 k , gets at least 2 battles a day , first couple times i sent it out were great , but now it rarely gets a kill , i dont have the ambition to experiment with something i cant watch fight so i just keep sending it back out because its that or delete it

welcome back btw

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“but now it rarely gets a kill” See my problem is that my levi does literally nothing anymore. My levi don’t get that many kills either but it still inflicts damage every match. I posted a link to a video where you can see there is 0 damage being done while in game. If you have patience enough to watch where I test drive the levi in my garage you can see it does an insane amount of damage with none of my weapons being blocked so there is no reason why I should be getting these results in invasion right out of the blue
“welcome back btw” I ain’t back for long lol, forums a big time sink.

If it don’t fix itself with in a couple of day’s I am going to forward it to the devs but figured I would post it here first to see if anyone else is having the same issue. I also noticed that the battle time is always exactly 0 seconds every single time since this started happening which is impossible even if you were up against the worlds best cheaters.

Screenshot from April 6th just 2 weeks ago

Compared to today April 19th

that is pretty weird , maybe you could try deploying an alternate levi for a night before trying this again , even if it doesnt get a match maybe it will reset something

I already did deploy alternate versions but I am going to keep trying different things out. One of the most recent changes I made was adding the aurora so I think I am going to keep adding and removing parts to test and see if something could be causing the bug. I will try removing the aurora tomorrow.

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Can’t even submit a bug report to the devs, I keeps getting this error screenshotted below saying unable to save issue.

Edit: it was the screenshots causing it, the report got submitted after I took out the screenshots

maybe you can catch a gm in game and ask them about it

I figured out the bug finally after a load of trial and error with no help from gaijins useless customer support who would reply to me at a weekly snails pace and were too cheap to refund even just a little bit of copper. It is a combination of the goliath, icarus vii and meatgrinders in a certain location on my levi and happens when the icarus comes in contact with both the goliaths and meatgrinders. It is a very niche bug and was able to solve it by either moving the hovers, meatgrinders or the goliath. Now if they would stop being so cheap with the levi rewards everything will be perfect. 64 copper for 32 invasion kills and 2 wins, pathetic.

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