My new build

So, after i’ve been surprised by the co- drivers rework, i no longer have the awesome Master Jack and following a suggestion i went for Grizzlie but he’ s not as good as Master Jack was and soon i had to make conceptions in the tankiness department defeating the purpose of my builds.
So, i made another with stuff i had in storage… but this time i went through a different route…i went HEAVY.
I’m not gonna lie, mistakes were made during the building process, like forgetting completely about the weapons, i was so focus in tankiness and survivability that i completely forget about that SMALL detail, and they end up being a after thought, i’m planning to do some improvements to take even further the tankiness and survivability .
In the weapon department it lacks bite, but it can make up in other fields.

It looks dorky and it’s stubby but it can bully much bigger builds into submission, legs, tracks, wherever. I’m glad i didn’t scrap it before i went for PVE.
Often i can just isolate a bot and push it back to our lines, it can do that several times in a battle. without needing an harpoon.
I’m enjoying this cabin.
Feel free to give your opinion and help me in the weapon department.

The guns are to much out in the open.

All of the armor on the plows is lost, because once your guns are gone your dead.

HP does not mater if your gun get removed first.

Maybe use wheel with more weight capacity and like Monkey said

You could do this, but then he is going to push himself way out of the PS bracket he should be in with those guns. (Because the increase in PS with more armor)

The better advice would be to dump that cabin and use a faster cabin that maxes out around the same amount of weight he is using and lower he’s PS.

A Med or light cabin would also have one extra point.

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He could also drop a plow or two as a lot of the armor he’s using is heavy as all hell

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So many people say master jack was better, but they forget that grizzly has a sweet perk that makes you far more durable. Master jack pales in comparison.


the guns are what’s keep me out of PVP.
I have a bit more HP than my 8 k build, but HP it’s not the all story.
My 10 k have half of my 8 k build and it’s way more tanky. So i agree in this point.
And what would be your suggestion cabin wise?
I mean i don’t dislike the tram cabin but the lack of welding points at the front makes my mistake (forgetting the guns) much more unforgiving .
I tend to go back to see if i can “save” my medium builds, ghost and Spider cabin is where i have my hopes.

Never, and besides heavy cabins can take it.

One of the changes i have in mind it’s to change the wheels for tank tracks or BFs but hermits are a nice “place holder” i love those wheels.

11k PS
2.2k dura
3 exposed Ruptures

I’m sorry Babuskae, I’m usually with you on these, but I think this one really needs work. This isn’t tanky.

And that was my suggestion originally plowman!


Yup, it isn’t tanky and wouldn’t be surprised if this build dies quickly, using heavy parts doesn’t always = tanky

You can PvP just fine with purple shotguns at 9k.

I think this build has a blotted power score and moves to slow for the weapon set. A heavy cabin is not needed. Go light or medium cabin.

You can run 4 purple shotguns at 9k easy, in both PvP and PvE raids.

I’m not saying it’s amazing or anything but it’s a fun build, a tough build , it has it’s corks.
If you see all my builds i tried to protect the guns as well as i knew, but in this one i forgot them .
But look, why don’t you go for a spin with it?
go to the exib and type Stubby lill dork, look for everything bigger than you and avoid everything smaller than you with shotguns.

you are absolutely right in this one.
My 8 k build had 80 parts , it was near to the mass limit, full of heavy parts and with a whooping 2108 HP and i’m talking about a medium build.
My 10 k build has only just 1210 HP, even less than my 6 k build that has around 1600 HP (both are medium) and it’s the most tanky of them all… so far.
HP isn’t everything nor having as much heavy parts as possible.
you can have a smaller build with much less HP and be more tanky

Looking at the mass you have, i would go humpback for 30% more damage when hit and you will have more weight to play with as the cabin is lighter from my memory.

I see you have a portable bomb - i mean gas gen - Change that out also as they can pop easily.

Also, hover the pointer over the durability and it will give you total build durability not just cabin which is a better indicator a lot of the time.

I had a cohort with 7300 cabin and 19,890 total durability which was pretty strong.