My New Project!

its codenamed the ripchain. which might become its permanet name. but i don’t know. im taking suggestions!

ripchain has : one Chord mg and three DT Cobra’s

[another angle ^-^]

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It’s an art build? a build for PVP/PVE? what’s the Power Score you usually play?

If you’re new and this is intended to be a combat build, here are my main suggestions:

1- Space your wheels better. Two pair of wheels at the back looks cool, but if you lose a front wheel you’ll regret it quickly. 6 wheels properly spread out is going to be a better layout 99% of the time.

2- The armor around your Chord is 90% transparent (There’s a small icon in its infobox). Which means it blocks your gun, but does not protect it. The gun would arguably be better protected if you removed that armor, and moved the gun to your cabin’s roof (your cabin is not going to fall and take the Chord with it)

Edit: A quick illstration of what I mean:

Added a Catch bumper to protect the Chord, a classic low-level trick. Also protected the wheels with fenders and light bumpers to avoid losing them to contact damage.

edited for better engrish

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thank you. i appreciate your opinion on the ripchain! i will definetly be editing it later on. thank you :slight_smile: