My offers

Can anyone familiar with the market tell me why my offers for unavailable items dissappear after so many days. I keep having to put the offers back up to aquire these items. Why wont they stay up there?

All market offers if they aren’t filled vanish in a number of days.

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Yeah seems so but i was just wondering if it resets on a certain day of the week or possibly by the number of days the offer is posted up. Not real important just curious.

I never bothered counting, as it didn’t seem to really matter much.

I think it stay for 3 days. Both offers and bids.


I’m theory, it should stop the weird bottlenecks that happen now because of price corridors, where certain decor items are only available at super high prices, but I guess people are reposting those items every few days?

Yeah i have been putting up highest offers on items for weeks. I just keep putting the bids back in when they disappear and eventually someone sells at some point. I guess it’s all about determination.

You need to rest your offer more often then that. One time a day at least.

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Edit the offer every couple of days… add a penny, subtract a penny, repost.

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