My opinion on the new system of energy consumption and PS balance in weapons and modules

Hello, with the arrival of the new parts power consumption system, I have noticed a couple of things:

I love the new energy consumption system, I feel that it gives the possibility of making more complete and fun vehicles, and although in general I am fine with the energy points assigned to weapons, modules, etc., I feel that there are some cases of specific parts that need a change, for example:

I feel that the Mandrake and Heather weapons, even with the new energy system, consume too much energy, in addition to their PS being too high, and taking into account that now there is the possibility of balancing the HP and energy points more intermediately I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to lower the energy consumption of these weapons to 13 energy points, and their PS to 2600, or ultimately just lower their PS to 2700, I have noticed that in most of my vehicles the PS have gone down but in the case of the vehicle I have that uses Mandrake they have increased.

On the other hand, I don’t know if it is an error but I think that the Maxwell module should not consume 2 energy points, let me explain:

The Oculus consumes 1 point of energy, and its improved version, the Averter, consumes 2 points of energy, but in the case of the Maxwell and its improved version, the Doppler, both consume 2 points of energy, so I think that to make it clear Better balanced, the Maxwell should consume 1 energy point.

that’s it, in summary, I love the new power consumption system and the update in general, I like the new parts, especially the new modules.

P.S: the engine sound of the new cabin is sexy af :ok_hand:

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i thought this was a weird change to and i agree that the maxwell SHOULD be 1 point.


Only had a few builds no longer work, but have leftover unused energy on a bunch.
I just deleted all the ones that were over energy. I’d rather rebuild from scratch, try some new ideas.

All this balance change boiled down for me was I can now add an extra argus or interceptor to a few builds that don’t really need them


That’s where I’m at with most of my builds.
I think I’m going to be using interceptor on a lot of builds for that 1 energy, as it’s easy to squeeze into any build.