My parts is missing

hello guys …the last time i played this game 5 months ago… and now when im returning all my parts is missing …especially the parts i crafted or bought it… the epic one … i cant find it any where i tried the filter /sorting … and still nothing there also i checked the market hestory and nothing there for sale !! how to get them back … please help me i didnt find any solution for 3 days…

Have you contacted the developers with your problem?

With how much I see posts about players not playing for X months and then their entire inventory being gone, I think this is a thing that exists on purpose, basically forcing people to keep playing or else their precious inventory is gone because oh no they got “hacked”

I would not put it past this game company and the people in charge of crossout based on the general scumminess in the past and present

It for sure is a company policy not to care too much. It shows in their appparent and consistent inaction and the way they help victims of account theft, meaning the lack of actual help.

However, i believe at worst there might be individuals within the company who are selling accounts. I dont think thats actually company policy.

More likely its just russian cyber criminals going on a rampage as theyre encouraged by the russian state to attack any foreign targets and given a carte blache for this. They definitely wont get in legal troubles for scamming some dirty westerners.

On top of this cyber criminality isnt even effectively policed within russia when the victims are russian.