My thoughts on the coming balance changes:

1. Changes to make legs only get tonnage from legs (nerfing hovers adding tonnage): Huge, huge hit to spiders, specifically the gerridas. You will need 14 or more legs to max out a heavy build. So they either become weaker due to more legs and less dura parts, or weaker because they wont be build to max weight.


Like cmon devs. This is all so very convienent. And during a movement part meta-shift balance patch. -_-

2. Auger, Omni, Atom buff: Sounds huge. Omnis might go straight to the top in conjunction with the hover and leg nerfs. Im here for it of it is. Anything to mix up a pretty stagnant Diamond-level CWs scene nowadays.

3. Structural parts resistance changes: This may prove to be on of the biggest changes in thos entire patch. You can truly purpose build your armor to counter certain weapon types. The craziest one that stood out to me was the Dawn’s Children. 50%!? damage resistqnce to energy weapons? The large 8x4 weighs 251, and gives you 120 durability. If you know youre fighting Helios, Athena or Destructors, now it blocks 240 damage for 251 weight. Thats Puncher-bumper-level good stats, while providing dura for your build. If you wanted to purpose build to have an edge over those weapons (if you struggle against them), building with all dawns children parts. instead of spamming good dura/weight ratio plows, you spam those and shoot through parts, and you end up with huger durability, and way, way more survivability versus those weapons.

Whereas now you just pick what you pick, because 10-15% isnt making or breaking much. 30-50% is a game changer i think.

4. Bigrams: might be working towards being viable again.

Bigfoot: more dura is gonna serve my 4 wheel cars quite nicely. Ill take it. Eat your heart out scorp players xD

Small tracks: 105 with golden eagle and omni-directional parts are capped at 85? Doubt theyll go nuke the meta or anything, but i see some very fun and pesky builds coming with that change.

5. Blight: If you use non flamer throwers, get rekt. Sorry. If you use flamers, you just got youre quick(ish) charge back, do more damage than ever before while not green flame, and you heat cabs and mastodons quicker, making your TTK faster. Its a buff all the way around, honestly.

Flamers getting +13% damage buff on non-blight builds: More builds become viable now. Ive seen heavy cab flamers push and roast a spider team and even catch a hover or two by surprise. A Triple Firebug Humpback Phobos build with the new engine could easily run down a hover capped at 85. And if it gets there all perked up (say…using a 30 second cloak to get in position? xD), its hitting with the ungodly amount of 13% + 30% + 35% x 3 = 5.34 firebugs worth of damage. Yea, thatll play i think. Point being? This was about making flamethrowers more viable on non-blight cabs. Incinerators are the real clear cut loser in the matter. Meh.

6. Cerberus: Its a dead cab, buff it til it takes over the world for all I care, it deserves a day in the sun.

Icebox: Yea, we get it people. The new perk is ironic. Its not however completely redundant. But everyone seems to be missing the extra 5÷ damage. They just god rolled your god rolled typhoons and gave you quick shot. Could be fun, and Phoons deserve some love too.

Huginn: Literally never saw one i feared. I hear the little guys be getting stomped by goblins and luparas and such. Hope it helps! >_>

7. Yokai: extra damage, slower hovers. Might slap hovers hard again.

Quasar/Pulsar: i think Pulsars might find a little bit of viability with this change. Im not seeing top CWs meta good, but a solid legendary to be concerned with at least.

Acari: This is going to ne a huge buff to Levi players attacking hover adds. Draining the plows that stop your Levi from one tapping them into nothing is huge. Of you land 2 acaeis on a target, id wager hes soft enough for your levi to murder in passing. I also think it could be straight meta against spider teams with a crack incin/acari/king/flywheel/kapkan Hadron build. Acari any target 3 times and incin them once? Their literal remaining dura should be near thier cab’s base dura. While itll stilp be relevant, it will greatly change the battles it affects now. Have two top 10 CW Puni players duke it out. One of them is likely leaving with 1 gun no matter who wins. Now have them fight with one being acari’d. You leave with 2 or even 3 guns easily. Now that changes. Getting acari’d isnt an automatic strip sentence anymore.

Thrysus: That buff plaus the new cabin buffing projectile speed and damage? This could literally be the new most absolute meta long range gun there is. Not saying it will be, but cant rule it out imo. Im down if it is.

Starfall: 10% isnt enough. The gun stays comically bad against meta. Unless you make an acari starfall and proceed to strip people down to their skivys. Eh. Maybe…

Mandrake: Uh…0.3 seconds and it starts firing again? Im not mathematician, but if you stagger fire those…would there ever be a downtime in firing? DOOF,DOOF,DOOF,DOOF,DOOF,DOOF,DOOF,DOOF,DOOF!!! I dunno, i feel like im missing something. If im not? Ill be the first to join the automatic artillery meta movement.

8. Grizzly nerf (Ermak buff): I like this. It makes other codrivers an option for most builds again. +50% duration for Ermak tho? Ermak about to go full you cant kill me mode for real 0_o

9. YOKOZUNA BUFF: I have what could only be accurately described as a fetish for this cab. With the new +3 kph speed fusion (which i have on my -mass, +mass Yoko), the 2 kph buff, the new engine, and sabbaths? Ill literally have this 22k monster moving at 120kph. That gets me excited. No, no. Like Excited. Ya dig?


I appreciate the analysis and agree with a lot of it.
There are a lot of big changes in here, and I don’t think anyone can predict the metas that will emerge out of this.
Really looking forward to trying out a lot of new combinations and seeing what works.

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Right. Oh wait. you’re nerfing hovers acceleration efficiency again? The only way around that is taking some off and throwing on a tonnage engine. They are probably nerfing hovers because the new tonnage engine is making hovers overpowered on the test server.

I’m actually excited for this tonnage engine. I have two Oppressors, one for max speed +24 KPH and one for max power, +33% The new engine should eclipse both of those and provide more than 425 durability (Engine durability is a big thing for me), and provide more than 3000 tonnage. The speed of the Oppressor is revolutionary for heavy builds. Need a 100 KPH Nova rush build? Is such a thing possible? Yes it is.

A super Oppressor should make things even nuttier.

Want an Icebox hover build that can hit 85 and actually go full hover speed? Coming in the near future. Typhoons have already been kind of scary since they quietly buffed reload by 17 percent last patch. An Icebox damage buff with a super speed super tonnage engine might put them over the top.

Under the new balance patch, I might ditch my Blight Firedog, and switch to a Nova 2 Firebug 1 Draco dog. My OG Doomsday Cars Nova benefits from the +2 KPH fuse, and hovers are going slower, and there is a new max speed engine coming that is probably fused for speed.

I’m not sure where this balance patch leaves light cabins and builds. I’m also not sure what the point of a Flash is anymore. Hovers are getting slowed, builds are getting beefier, max damage is king. Flash lost its slows, and now it doesn’t seem to have a target. Porcupine problems? Get an Argus or two.

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One more thought:

The new super Oppressor tonnage engine is a massive buff to hovers and wheels. Especially wheels. The reason it is a buff to wheels, is that with wheels, every medium and heavy cab has the potential, with Phobos, to go 100 KPH.

Have we considered what an Icebox triple Draco build might look like? Icebox, 60 KPH, +speed fused super Oppressor, 38KPH, + Phobos, 5 KPH. Total: Max speed 103 KPH with all the tonnage to support a 20,000 kg heavy build. Oh, and the Dracos are +20 percent damage + 13 percent because they’re buffed and that is on all the time instead of the Blight 20 percent every now and then. How about Harvesters? They specialize in ram damage. If you have a heavy build going that fast, its going to do massive damage to the things it hits.

What are tracks supposed to do against something like that? Only small tracks and Omnis are going to be able to keep up.

The new balance patch seemed like an Oasis in the desert for big track fans. I think it is just a mirage and they will be left drinking sand again.

I’m ready for this. I have 8 fused omnis, 14 fused Buggy wheels, and 12 fused Hermits as well as fused Cohort, Nova, Yoko, Echo and Humpback cabins to abuse. I’m also talking myself into getting an Icebox with each passing line.

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The man has either bought an icebox, or is convincing himself of the inevitability of it all. Facts.

they mean the arm time. to arm the cannon for firing takes 0.3 seconds now instead of what it did before. to reload the weapon after it fires still remains the same. yeah they worded that weirdly.


if you manage to coupe with the extra weight, my builds won’t

Cmon babuskae, shaving weight off a hover is hard. Shaving weight off of a wheeled build is a cake walk. You can even do it without losing durability if youre not at the part limit.

the first one, i’ll probably find some, the second i will have to find 240 kgs

I’m pretty sure the hermit wheels aren’t adding any tonnage to your build anymore, unless they are touching the ground.
Best way to get your tonnage to the max without using too many wheels is to use at least two non-ST wheels (and/or a tonnage engine). My heavy wheeled builds are usually four ST Bigfoots and four non-ST Bigfoots, but I can often get away with less, which makes for a much more agile car.

I’m not very excited for the balance changes, pretty much all the same OP continous fire bullet spam guns and builds will still be OP but Starfall will be added to the mix so now instead of just cyclone, it’s cyclone and starfall.

Only thing that is a move in any meta changing direction is the gerrida change but even with it I bet that a group of 4 gerrida players all rocking dual cyclones is still going to powerhouse through any team of randoms, which is all they ever will face because the matchmaker never puts 2 groups against on another

The staleness that drained all the fun already during this battlepass and before it will just continue in the next one as well

I guess you didn’t notice how various counters to DPS builds are getting buffed?

Not really, while structural parts are getting an endurance buff and some movement parts finally some love, 4 imps is just gonna instastrip mostly any other gun just like it already does. While your own guns might have more shelter due to stronger structural parts, so will the imp builds be and it’s the same old again

That is definitely not the change I was talking about.

That’s Storm Chaser, a light build, the wheels are there cause the build ended up to be longer than initially planned and i have only 6 BFs.
The second reason hermits are there, it’s armour, i don’t really need them.
My problem it’s not tonnage, it’s weight limit.
More problematic is the second build i don’t have any room to spare.

If mass limit is your problem, adding non-functional wheels might be counter productive. Think of how much HP those wheels could turn into if you used that mass for armour instead.

Why not just use the six Bigfoots, while you grind out a couple more?
What engine and co-driver are you using?

Yea the tonnage changes is gonna brick a few builds of mine but mainly my 57k invasion levi. I like most of the changes except that one and agree that this is just a new scheme to sell the upcoming engine.

On those two, i use the same engine and co-driver.
Cheetah and r2d2.

Well, hermits have two functions
1- as armour at high speeds ( light weight + durability (perk))
2 - If need it, they work as a wheel ( they are harder to hit, i guess, i had times where a single hermit it’s all i have in one side) and even if the terrain demands i have those wheels to help not to get stuck in something, where otherwise i would.

I will not grind more of them, i don’t particularly like them, they bounce a lot and they share the same peculiarities as other wheels, i use them for two reasons ground clearance ( how the build was set up) and mainly for the perk.
otherwise i would use other movement parts in a heartbeat
My heavies are due to a overall i will use legs or tracks instead of wheels.
For the reasons people complain, i’m curious about atoms.

Tonigh i saw plenty of tusks and kings, literally entire teams, it will be a new Meta? I don’t know but they were a lot

The thing is, in my two cases i can’t.
Cheetah, my co-driver, plus BFs, all synergize with each other.

wheels shouldn’t have perks, only grip according to whatever.
In my case and others ( i assume) we are tied to a certain movement part to take advantage of whatever perk, it shouldn’t be like this.
A module or something should have the perk, that way we could choose whatever perk and whatever movement part we wanted / like

I am pretty sure with the new system that the hermit perk won’t get triggered if it isn’t touching the ground.
I would recommend swapping them for actual armour if you need to save mass after the update.
You may not need the extra Bigfoots anyway.