My thoughts on the new weapons

yep they mentioned that and i seen it to. i checked and theres only 1.

agreed. its supposed to be a revolver but can go full auto as well. i dont know guns very well so i dont know if any revolver irl can go full auto. still it chews through ammo so fast its not even funny.

not really enough to do testing on ps4 its only level 12 or 18 i believe to get one of them so ill be waiting to get them then test them from there. the thing is i will be building a few items from this pass, a few wheels included though my storage is so full and its getting very expensive to expand my storage. im not really in the market for blueprint storage but man… i just wish theyd give a bit more then 1 storage because im at a point where my storage is hitting 625 and i need more storage capacity. all the stuff from the passes and whatnot are really cluttering my boxes :expressionless:

Ah good kept thinking maybe I missed it.

There isn’t any full auto revolvers that I can think of off the top of my head but it could feasibly be done as there are semi-auto revolvers and with those it’s just a matter of automating the trigger.

That’s one of those reasons why I think they should try to include PC at least the exhibition with a more limited crossplay. It would be nice to be able to refer to the same exhibition blueprints.

They really do like to make things painful. I wouldn’t even mind storing extra garage blueprints local to be able to have more. Storage is just as bad with how many they require after a while.

I was thinking about these today they might be good for levi’s sent out for invasion.

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