My thoughts on the new weapons

ill go weapon by weapon here and give my thoughts.

titan wheels: they look ok and they are interesting. i had a closer look at them and there are parts that move and parts that dont. looks weird but i like how they look and how they feel while driving. i mean they look a little bland but if you want wheels that look more ravager like then just use hermits. as a wheel though, they get a thumbs up from me.

Fatum: these drones are interesting and pretty adorable lol. if they are destroyed they are much more powerful. the only downside is… they dont last to long. i mean i think they might last as long as other drones but to me they dont really last to long. i love these little drones though, they are really nice but if theres ONE major complaint i have its… why are there no eyes on the front of the spider??? common devs put some eyes on them to make them look creepier! … still though id love to see these in the dronepocalypse to in the future. thumbs up from me, i like these!

lucifer: god DAMN this weapon is fun to use. also its reloading animation is absolutely hilarious to me. spin that barrel at mach speed and slam it into the gun to reload, fricken awesome :rofl:
i have tested it a bit and the ballistic trajectory for it is… a bit bad but not completely useless. i would LOVE to use this in raids to see how it does. its reload speed isnt awful either and i could probably make a hell of a build with it combining it with the hadron, apollo and a king.

cyclops: this thing is going to be brutal on reloading weapons like the mastodon or even the mandrake. still i think itll be a welcome edition to my modules. i cant wait to try this out with my cannons or my other weapons. i also really want to try combining this with a hadron to see what kind of abomination reload godly weapon i can come up with. the funny thing is a fatman reloads stupid fast as is on a hadron with a king, haha i cant wait to combine these together :rofl:

morta: this thing is creepy lol. it looks like a hand and its wiggling looks so weird. still its a very interesting looking weapon and functions like a scorpion but can absorb damage. i cant wait to test it out though. thisll be a fun weapon to use.

mars: a neat little cabin. i like it for being a small heavy cabin, cant wait to get it, plus the damage bonus it has is nice.

what do you all think of them? i know i forgot the cooler but i havent gotten it yet, i still think itll be useful for my arbiters though!


Kind of too slow for me.

I’m almost curious if they are bugged it almost seemed like their life span shortens along with each launch. Not really in my play style either. I do like how they run around though.

I tried them with a few different exhibition builds, they might be fun but I kind of agree with the devs that 2 of them are needed for the cylinder recharge function to really work well. A lot of the ones I tried kept ended up with different cylinder ammo counts which was annoying though. I ended up selling off the revolver cab that I was saving for it just do to the miss matched cylinder counts.

I haven’t messed with this one yet but I considered it fairly safe to not bother as any reload bonus is generally good.

It’s interesting though I’m just not sure about it. I like that it’s an electric weapon though.

I don’t play a lot of heavies, I just find them really too slow. 10 second of bonus dmg passes very fast. I’m not sure how much value I’ll get out of it. I don’t really like the mounting points either.

Honestly outside of the modules I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of most of these. It’s going to be one of those seasons where I wait a really long time to decide if I buy in or not.

what do you mean different counts? like they were reloading differently?

mmmmm i might get it because i am interested in the weapons. though they are lacking heavily in the lighters department. i mean a pulsar and a helios as the two legendaries to be fused? i want the helios but im tempted to get a secondary rocket revolver to have a set. i DO want to get an arsenal of drones but they look fairly easy to make minus the one limited item needed to make it. if i do end up with extra lighters ill grab a few more.

i honestly think their lifespan is to short for a drone. if one gets killed it gives them additional speed upon its next summon to the field as well as a damage boost and cuts the reload in half. i want to try them in raids but seeing how short their lifespan is… i dont think it would be a good thing. im also curious as to how long their recharge is.

Both over time. It would start where I’d have 17 in one cylinder and 13 left in another. Then I’d be loading at different times which tosses the total ammo counts and what I have left per cylinder. When you do run out of ammo on a single and get the cylinder regenerative reload it will partially charge the empty one too. It’s really just not enough to keep it going though. A upgraded epic ammo pack will bring you up to 14 reloads. 2x upgraded brings it up to 23. It eats a lot of ammo though.

I’m just going to sit on it and make up my mind later. I’d probably get the second rocket to try to keep their counts similar. Not that it matters as much if your taking them into raids since there’s ammo drops. However in missions it will matter. Having a second upgraded radiator wouldn’t be bad either though.

Their life span bugs me a lot not that my turrets have a huge lifespan either but they seemed extra short. I wasn’t too happy with the dmg I was seeing either. If I was crafting a batch of them I’d only need the 8 iris. I keep the turrets around for crafting arbs. I could just picture them sitting around like the turrets end up doing. I was hoping they would work well with the Muninn cab but the remote range from cab isn’t that great.

already calling morta damange nerf on modules
lucifer also seems insanely strong but its more of a flamethrower, i bet there will be dog buids with it

That wouldn’t surprise me, I was playing around with them a bit more overnight and they are pretty good at popping explosives.

I ran across a levi build in the exhibition with 4 Lucifer’s. If it doesn’t get hit with a Nerf this will be a force to be reckoned with. I truly like this weapon as is but, I believe it will be downgraded in time sadly enough.

being a battle pass weapon is enough, but with the amount of damage both weapons do i believe that there 100% will be nerfs. unless its the start of the new long term shitty meta

I didn’t think too much of the builds running 2 of them. The long reload time screws with getting a good meter reading on them and the yard’s builds are kind of small. Hmm maybe I should make a durabrick to shoot them at.

The new update is just another nail in the coffin for this game.

Does Manitou work with it? It is considered a revolver, right?

It’s a revolver.

It works but has issues. The issue is often you’ll end up with way different round counts between the 2 cylinders. So if your trying to be ammo conservative it’s a bit problematic to get them to line up right as not to drop too many rounds from the cylinders. Hitting the ability reloads them fully which is nice but you just run into the same issue over and over again. They also reload at different rates depending on how many rounds were in the cylinders so it tosses the time a bit off.

The restore ammo function calcs out to be: 6 projectiles restoration for every 8 parts destroyed with 640 or less parts in a match with 8 players is really 80 extra projectiles max. 60 extra max with 6 player matches. Parts diminish fast in matches though so you can’t really count on getting these.

To me it’s uncomfortable monitoring the numbers to find a sweet spot. You get up to a 30% boost to the reload time based on the round count in the cylinder. So 10 left in the cylinder should be 15% at the cost of half your ammo which isn’t really that high.

I mentioned the ammo counts above for upgraded epic ammo packs.

280 shots or 460 and it eats ammo fast. So if were splitting it in half to get the boosts 140 or 230 shots + 60 or 80 at most.

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With the other revolvers, I use the cabin perk more for the damage boost than for the reload.
Usually just pre-charge my shells before engaging the enemy.
But yeah, I can see the problems using it with this gun. Harpy or one of the reload cabins might be better fits.

I’d probably do harpy though the ammo bonus only nets you 3 more reloads from a single upgraded ammo pack and a nice dmg boost. Echo might be nice too.

On the PC the cost of the Manitou had pretty much doubled from when I bought it so I had no problems or qualms selling it.

I’m not even going to check the PS4 price, because I don’t want to be tempted to sell it.
I love the look of it, and I enjoy how it buffs all the other revolvers.

I like that too but just didn’t have any of the others at the moment, so I was pretty much sitting on it waiting to buy some.

i love how you both act like you don’t work for the company,and play in the forums to keep players hopes up.

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well… i think the ammo count is a bit low for the gun. the reason i say that is its 20 rounds per 1 charge of ammo so you get 100 rounds of ammo total. 20 x 5 = 100 and that seems extremely low to me. that ammo count needs to be much higher.

i counted up all the lighters you get from every level up to the max and you get 650 x 3 so if you max out you get 3 fused legendaries. im hoping i can make it there so i can get the 3 legendaries. even if i only get 2 ill be ok with it.

i want to test this but sadly i dont have the drones yet. i wanted to test them with a turret drone and a sidekick. i wanted to see if they do last a shorter time because it seems like they do.

I counted 1850 at lvl 119 which is 100 short of 3. I can’t remember where each pass type tends to cut off so I didn’t bother calcing out past 119. I was kind of happy just to see you could get two at a fairly reasonable lvl as a lot of the time you can’t. I calced that 2 should be possible at lvl 108 which isn’t bad.

I did notice there was a error in the update news page for it as they mentioned 2 “Blueprint storages” and I only spotted 1 of them going through the rewards. I’ve been meaning to go through it again to make sure I didn’t miss it some how.

It uses up ammo almost as fast as a reaper with the exception of the reload delay. So It’s going to ammo issues especially on a steppe spider with Atitlan as the co-driver. I almost think it would be better if they had made it 10 rounds per cylinder with 10 reloads and then cut the perk ratio to 3 projectiles for every 4 parts and cut the reload time in half. It would be nicer on the ammo boxes.

I’ve just been messing with the exhibition builds there’s enough of them to do basic testing on at least on PC.