Nagual new revolver

How are you all feeling about the new gun? For me I find this gun to be extremely awkward.

As a sniping weapon, it has great accuracy, if you shoot with it so slowly that you get no pros of it being a three shot revolver cannon.

It can do great damage and fire the three shots very fast, but at that point you have to be at an almost facehugging distance and these guns do not have the hp to be played like that.

When using a mobile hit and run build, like I think they intended it to be used, both the lack of hp and accuracy really show, even when using this as a w warrior weapon and driving right at an enemy the bullets just fly everywhere but at the enemy. You pretty much have to be using legs or standing absolutely still and fire at a rate of as fast as you can spam medians if you want to hit anything.

When playing a more long range build, the slowness of damage dishing makes this gun feel worse than many other longer range weapons, whirlwind for example. That being said most success I had with it was on a gerrida build with three guns, but even at then it feels like the moment you try to get any good performance out of the gun it punishes the user and performs very poorly.

It just can’t make any advantage of the fact that it has 3 shots, the moment you dare to try to shoot at just a bit faster of a rate, your shots just fly all over the place, almost like when you fire this, it kicks the barrels pointing a bit more upward, and it takes a full second before they return to where they were supposed to be pointing, and this kicking up the aim can stack up or something. Even at something like 10 meters away from an enemy build you just can’t hit it no matter how stable of a wheeled build you have.

Damage, explosion radius of the shot and so on are good on this gun, but there is just some unexplainable wonkyness going on with it overall.


A separate post so the original one won’t be too long

Like when you are trying to make use of the perk and take your time shooting accurate shots at wheels or guns, so firing at a rather slow pace, you don’t do so much damage per shot to really be effective and you loose your guns because of low hp.

If you just try to spamfire shots so you can get more damage in, no matter where on the build, your shots become so inaccurate that you can pretty much miss all three shots very easy, and once again loose your guns because of low hp.

Using these on a build that is fast and agile makes the accuracy issue and forced slow pace of firing really stand out, and bad hp + big gun means they’ll get shot off pretty fast.

Using these on a stable, omnidirectional build for a more accurate lower rate of firing weapon nullifies the point of these being revolvers, and they feel about the same as just running medians for that purpose, and completely loose to whirlwinds, which are more accurate and you can just dish out more shots at a much more rapid pace

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Sounds about right to me. More pretty garbage. The new cab seems about the same (pretty garbage). It’s a shame…the duck horn (quack quack) is hella fun though, and I love it anyway, but those guns…IDK. I’m trying hard not to bail on those.

Yeah I tried to make them work but I just can’t get them to perform good enough to use them over some other weapons I already have, that do their job but better. They feel like Stillwinds as they came out, ver lackluster.

Who knows, maybe they will give them the stillwind treatment and buff them insanely like give them the accuracy they need to rapid fire, or enough hp to make up for the lacking accuracy but as they are now, would not recommend

That’s what I’m hoping for. They suck so bad they must buff them, right? I’ll probably hang on to them (maybe), just because I paid for them with cash (and they’re so pretty) and I don’t buy things very often here anymore, but my inventory of useless schit is getting bloated again, and I’ll have to do something…salvage more legendary garbage I don’t use?

I’m keeping the cab even if it sucks though (which it does). It’s too damn pretty…but worthless.

If they canned the perk and dropped the rarity to blue (ps750, energy 11, speed 90kph), I’d love it, and use it constantly.

Literally autoloaders from WoT, they finally added some… I suppose we’ll see some more in the future

Its a shit weapon. It could be decent but its got a 1s delay before your bloom begins to reduce from firing. You need to wait more than a second between 200 damage shots. Crap at all ranges. I was given trouble by droners using this gun because its DPS is trash. Storm users were nearly kicking my ass.

Bloom delay should be 100% removed. Bloom is fine, but that 1s delay totally kills this gun.

1 second compared to a full reload… seems reasonable. compared to a regular cannon reload time. You just want to fire 3 cannon shots in a row? that seems a bit too stupid tbh.

The recoil from the first shot would logically make it incaccurate for a moment.

I swear people don’t like weapons with drawbacks and only use the easiest least skill-based items, god forbid you have to think a little


I tried a few of them out on exhibition the other day. I think they will be usable in some builds. I’m happy with them just because you don’t have to carry ammo with them. Getting rid of a few bits of explosives can really help sometimes. I’ve asked for these a few times so I’m also happy to see them get in finally… I guess next might be a revolver shotgun.


Its not just 1 second, its 1.5 after you add in the bloom recovery time with the recovery delay. 3s to unload 3 well aimed shots for 600 bullet damage with 2. Another 4-5 seconds to reload. Thats 8-9 seconds between 600 damage shots assuming your shot placement is perfect because they are 93% bullet damage weapons that will just overpen for 30 damage. (7 blast)
Thats really bad dude. I didn’t see a single Nagual in CC but I see them everywhere in missions. People are trying to make them work but they aren’t taking them into the real fights because they subconsciously know they suck.
You cannot outskill a weapon that can’t even hit its target because of a hardcoded accuracy delay with any amount of aim.

That’s a good point.

I’m gonna hang on to mine. I think it’ll take some tinkering to understand their potential, though. I’m not sure what to do with them at the moment, but I’m not convinced the cab they came with (Manitou) is the best choice for them…did I mention how pretty this new stuff is? Probably.

I think the Nag is cool AF, but I’m not sure how it works. It’s cool enough that I’m willing to endure a little learning curve and stick with it. I wasn’t that into the Waltz. This I might suffer. I want it to work.

It matters a lot when your watching your PS and trying to do tight builds.

A lot of the odd weapons that players have trouble with have specific use cases. Like the Arothron, it’s meant to be a broadside weapon used on banana builds. The initial idea given on the old forum was to do a canister munition modeled after some used in navel warfare. If your trying to give chase with the weapon it’s a lot more difficult to use.

The cab is amazing looking. The perk is a little odd though I do agree they really should look at making it just default active though.


Not everything that is released has to be released as so OP they can bring it into CC. Most CC weapons are Legendary weapons anyway

But its not even capable with OP skill like the off-meta stuff. Theres no out skilling 600 bullet damage salvos every 8-9 seconds. Maybe if they were explosive but bullet damage weaps require pinpoint aim. You get 900 if you run a 15 energy weapons which honestly nobody uses in CC atleast. Ive seen a freak minority of 15 gun energy builds in cc. Lots of 10s and 12s but no dominant 15s.

I love finding ways of making the oddball weapons work for me.
I miss my Arothrons, but I couldn’t resist taking advantage of the random price surge on PS4. Surprised the price hasn’t come down yet, as I never see anyone playing them.
I suspect someone was trying to manipulate the market, and blew a bunch of coin buying them all up, and is now too stubborn to unload them.
Am I right I’m assuming they’re still cheap on PC and XBOX?

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If they gave it the “Silver Bullet” perk the Corvo has, it might make the ultimatum of using or not using the Manitou (it rode in on) perk more interesting. They could buff the hell outta that “Silver Bullet” until it can actually compete, too…it’s probably too late for that. Reducing the reload time is probably the answer the developers would go with, if they buffed it, eh?

IDK. They probably had some particular thing in mind for this, but IDK what it is yet. Like, even though the Catalina is maybe OP every where, I think it was intended to be used for raids. This thing might have some specific use…besides being pretty, but wut?

That firing angle suggests the developers intend for us to shoot copters with it, right?

I’ll give that a try…but not with that rig.

EDIT: OK, so I lied…

I used that rig. Clearly, the Nag has potential. My mates in copters got most of the copter action though, and I didn’t get much action against the birds, but I do finally get the joke about the horn. It’s a duck call. :duck: :grin: I love this cab.

EDIT II: Also, I don’t remember getting that much scrap for PVP before. Am I just out of my time zone?

Honestly Astraeus got their angles increased and they slice through choppers very nicely

I wouldn’t say they are cheap. Selling figures were around 900 last I checked on PC.

That’s good a lot of people just don’t get what little niches the little oddballs actually fill.

If you read the patch notes they adjusted the angles for a lot of weapons to be able to do that. I’m happy they listened and addressed that issue actually.

I actually really would like a set of these but I’m waiting on it.

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Yeah as soon as I saw Astraeus I went to try them on the ground in Heli mode, real nice

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