Naguals NEED Durability Buff

Buff Nagual durability. Its just not durable enough for its energy consumption & mass. Like if you look at the Miller, the Miller has 427 durability for 495 kg of mass while the Nagual has 296 durability for 423 kg of mass. Its honestly not enough for what is, its also categorized as a cannon while the Miller a machine gun/minigun. Cannons if I’m not mistaken are generally more durable than any machine gun/minigun. I understand that there are things that need balancing but there is just not enough durability.

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A lot of weapons would need some durability buff to become viable because of the bloated efficiency of dps weapons compared to non-dps focused guns

I think they could use 10 more HP AT MOST. They’re very strong weapons in skilled hands already and have the absolute best moving accuracy in the game along with very strong damage and bullet speed.