Native fullscreen gone after update

After last dronecalapse update, native fullscreen option is gone, which give the best performance. Now only Fullscreen (windowed) are avaible and windowed.

Losing control of my mouse outside the my main monitor duo battles, because of multiple monitors. Fullscreen (windowed) giving me stutters in heavy fights. Native fullscreen didnt.

Fix the options please!

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You might want to post that in the issue tracker:

Not a bug. It’s a feature. They think it’s a fix. They mentioned it in the update announcement.

Me too, all that money they’re robbing off the players they should be trying to make the game better, not make it worse! They’ve removed a really important feature that worked fine before.

using multiple monitors, and never had issue like you before or after update without using fullscreen mode not only on crossout but other games too