Native support for playstation® controllers in the pc version of crossout!


The “Supercharged” update brings not only massive audio-visual changes to Crossout, but also full support for DUALSHOCK®4 and DualSense™ controllers on PC!

Despite the fact that a mouse and keyboard have traditionally been the main weapons in the hands of PC players, there are many who prefer other game controllers. Specifically for you (and also for those who want to experience new sensations from the game), we have implemented full support for Sony controllers.

And the main feature is, of course, the support of all the features of the new generation controller DualSense™.

Now, almost every movement of your armoured vehicle will be accompanied by a special vibration response that matches your movement parts: whether it’s the friction of the wheels on the surface, the heavy tread of mechanical legs, or the steady flight of hovers.

Different vibrations from shooting, depending on the type of weapon used, vibration feedback in certain parts of the controller, depending on where exactly the enemy projectile came from — all this is already available on PC!

All collisions with obstacles and enemies, destruction of destructible objects and interaction with the environment (water obstacles, etc.) will be accompanied by tactile effects. Your controller will be an equivalent of the steering wheel of an armoured car, transmitting almost everything that happens to the vehicle directly into your hands.

Of course, you can enable and disable the vibration feedback of the controller at any time in the game settings.

Good luck in battles, survivors!

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Preparing the game for PC/Console Crossplay is feeling a fair bit more likely to have been the agenda of the “Supercharged” update, with this highlight.

I hope you are right!