Need spaces for season rewards?

By my count, there are 19 season items that require storage spaces, and storage upgrade as part of the reward

What happens if you don’t have enough spaces?
Do you lose the extra items, or does it hold them until you upgrade storage?

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I would say Sell some useless stuff

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it will say something like 278/275 and not let you buy new items that take up space unless you sell something, you can use all the items, you’ll just be over limit


Can it say something like 1010/1000? Because if it is so, then devs deliverately restrict players from having as much items as they want, when the former add new content.

You can’t have more items just cauze. Just buy a new BP and sell some old stuff because if you wanna play with your new grinded out toys, you have to refuse some of your old toys.


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Idk, I don’t need 1k items

Some people don’t. Some people do. I’ve yet to try S-p-a-c-e E-n-g-i-n-e-e-r-s but it definitely resembles a good game much more than this beta testing demo-version. Mind you, SE has modular vehicles as well as weapons. And modular bases. And crafting. And actual hooman playable characters. And huge maps to farm resources.

And their developers and owners also sell a lot of packs for 5$ while being the same indie-poor game developing company.

You arent comparing Quake to Age of Empires, arent you?

Kindly do not bother me with your level of development.

i mean he isn’t wrong, they’re very far apart for a comparison

:man_facepalming: I’m comparing quality and overall content of each game, not the genre.

Yeah not comparing at all…


Why must I repeat myself and explain the meaning of the words again and again to seemingly adult and mature people?

Anyhow, that was off-topic and I explained enough for people to be able to comprehend what I had in mind, so we’re done. Continue with the warehouse space.

It happens to best of us, it sounds selfexplanatory and logical in your head, but once you express it - you realize its incoherent and only makes sense given your very specific way of thinking and some dozen preceding conclusions you didnt include. The best of us realize it and correct or retract the statement, salty teens double down. Communication is called “skill” for a reason.

As for OT - we are getting 7-9 levels of season pass per week without actually doing anything specific - so one would max out after apx. 70 days only doing bare minimum - giving around 20 days spare. I dont think any specific challenge matters in this progression. You can skip a week or 2 and still max out as easily.

:man_facepalming: Comparing genre does not equal comparing overall content and quality of the development. Seems like it’s a little too hard to see the difference, for some.

I also warned you about to not bother me with your devel of development. It seems I was correct in the evaluation. Reported and ignored.


Why should I waste my skills on some people who clearly lack aforementioned skill? :thinking:

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