Need to ban mics and squads from spring mayhem

Its impossible to win mayhem when fighting a squad that coordinating both by pre-agreement and or mics. These two things are entirely UN-SPORTSMAN LIKE BEHAVIOR. and is impossible for random generated teams to beat. THIS denies randoms equal chance at winning the league against players effectively cheating by using tools randoms can not use.

This is beyond insane. IF you as random show any skill said squads will actively hunt you. by spreading out and sharing info for squad to attack. THe difference in point is extreme when facing randoms vs squad. +10 or more vs -4

You need to consider more, between players can easily add friends on other chat software and open the microphone, the pc side should be banned from the voice function, but I think this practice is not good, a default off the microphone can always open to someone should be better

its more the issue of unfair competition if 1 team is able to coordinate and the other won’t or can’t.

like way too many time am stuck on team where all the other players are refusing to capture bases. which drasticly hurts your points and thus I am wasting the whole game in a freaking sniper trying to capture bases because too many idiots refusing to do it.

as deaf person its partitive to ban mics period. because too great of advantage to those who using headphons to say attack sniper by base “a” who is only one showing skill. when other players can’t even see the sniper by base A because they are on the other side of map in a heli or scout and can get there quick.

squads have clan wars we randoms need to be able to compete and the devs are NOT ALLOWING IT. by giving certain parties too great of advantage that there is NO COMPETITION AT ALL.

*I REALLY HATE RIGGED GAMES" :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

doesn’t matter if you have mics,only matters if your good… :crazy_face:

‘you don’t even play’…so what’s up? you sound like red off her meds again :rofl:

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thread from the same player, can we ban crying babies who harass ppl who are trying to have fun? :crazy_face:



Everyone has the option to make a team.


I would normally consider posts like this counter productive.

But after trying to explain to this person over and over again “tough love” maybe the only thing we have left.

They obviously practice super toxic behavior and then blame the people they are attacking as being toxic.


Imagine what king of person he must be if he dont even know how to upload a video from PS to the forum? :rofl: And now he make another crying thred complaining that ppl are playing in teams , wtf no words. I used to call these ppl “two left hands person”


This I can excuse, many might not know how to do that or even care to know how to do this. (It’s more a case of ignorance then stupidity)

What bugs me is the constant “I’m a victim, so it is justified for me to try and ruin others experience.”

They are mad about people playing the game, and instead of blaming their own short coming they try and blame others that are just having fun.

They need to grow a little more backbone.

Maybe the below is why I can’t understand…



Hard to play the game when you spend all of your time narcing on players in-game & whining about it on the forum.


Currently around the 400th place on PC, 95% solo Q.

Hey, was fun seeing you yesterday :wink: Lil’ scout MudnBeer

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They need open mics in the whole game. My team is my party. This is why i leave a match when there is a 4 man clan, they give no incentive to be clan fodder. I suggest everyone not in a clan to do this. When clans are completing 5 matches in 2 minutes getting resources for free maybe they will let everyone talk to each other. Just yesterday i faced 6 clans in row, and thats not the first time. It would be one thing if 2 out of the 6 i would be on the team with the clan, but its not, it a very rare thing to be on the team with clan, VERY RARE.

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Then I would suggest everyone that does this to be banned for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Please do not make suggest things that are against the TOS.

Also… groups don’t have to all have the same clan tag? How do you know your not fighting a team?

Quit dwelling on single games. If you want stuff you are going to play thousands of games.
No one can make you have fun, you choose to.
Instead of crying, choose to find a different bracket, different build, different tactic, different strategy or even a different play time.
Unless you get lucky in life, you are with the other 99% of us.

Life is hard, but unfair.

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:rofl: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:


Then I would suggest everyone that does this to be banned for unsportsmanlike behavior.

You call this sportsmanlike
Crossout_20230423224359 - YouTube
This was a slaughter, nobody on my team was having fun.
Now here’s why my opinion matters more.
Crossout_20230501134315 - YouTube
As you can see I’ve been playing awhile, and I’m a 58 year old above average gamer, even in this slaughter I still finish 5th overall.
This game has been bleeding players since 2 years after it came out, was down to under 2500 players until the big update, boosted players to 12000 and has been bleeding them again ever since. Down 3000 players already.
As I stated 6 matches 6 different clans but not once was I on the team with a clan.
balance would of been 3 matches with 4 man clans on each team.
When people feel they are being cheated they quit playing, when people feel it’s futile to try and get a relic weapon they quit playing, when people stop having fun they stop playing.
I want more people playing not less and this is why my opinion matters more then yours

58 years old above average gamer? Why hasnt some lucky clan picked you up? >_>

Then you could be the guy playing in a clan, instead of being a 58 year old guy complaining that life isnt fair on a video game. Clans will always play these game modes together. It is what it is. Deal with it or go play another game(mode)

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I’m going to have to agree with Dhawk.

And I’m 51 years old :slight_smile: