Nemesis Bots

Wouldn’t it be great if some of the bots on the enemy team were exact copies of player cars on your team?.
There would be much more variety in bots this way and people could actually fight their own builds.

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You can fight your own build in custom battles. It’s a decent way to probe for flaws before you bring it onstage.

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You can build a levi and if you get lucky it will appear to crash you in the levi mode.

Just gotta hope a bot doesn’t copy a fusion build and is just immobile lol

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I got to my range and do it that way, shoot at the identical twin and see what I need to armor.

I was thinking along those lines too, as far as potential for this supposed feature; What if you could build your own farm bots?

They sort of approached this idea with the Halloween gimmick they had, where lightning struck your current build display on your range, and brought it to life, and it would attack you. I thought it was a fun feature, and I would enjoy building my own farm bots.

It would be even cooler if you could populate custom maps and battles with your own builds.

I guess this line of thought, at some point, evolves into a Bethesda-like creation kit that would allow me to create a much better game than Crossout is, and then play that instead, because if I had the creative freedom and access to the assets they have a Targem, that’s exactly what I would do…and since this game is sort of a drag lately, I have actually been doing more tinkering with the Bethesda Creation Kits, and doing just that; creating my own custom maps and populating them with my own “builds,” monsters, and conundrums. I wish the guys at Targem were more interested in doing that here, because this game really is one of a kind.

More maps, please.

You can!

One of the guys in the clan sets up custom battles where all the players pick from cars he built (up to five) and fight each other, similiar to the events where you pick a prebuilt car to fight with. You can also have bot cars play, and they will also choose one of your pre-set cars as well.


Oh yeah… I remember doing that :smiley:

Sounds like I need to go check that out. Thanks for the intel.

I didn’t know that! Can you do leviathans too?

you will be able to in a future update, same with helicopters