Nerf arbiters

right now the game is unbalanced by arbiters,to many abuse by that perk,please nerf them


umm… arbiters have the same base damage and equal stats to the equalizers. they dont need a nerf. they are already frail being mini guns.


nerf catalina,omamori


This is what needs nerfing

There are 3 holes where the bullets shoot from and with arbiter you can literally block the bottom 2 and the shots will still clip out some how. That is the glitch that all those arbiter banana builds have been abusing for a long time and the devs still ain’t patched it. That is what makes arbiter so op is the puny hitbox that you can almost entirely cover. Arbiter needs a hitbox adjustment and it will be pretty balanced. It ain’t the stats it is hitbox itself.

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It’s not clipping because their is nothing to clip, the 3 barrels rotate and it only fires from the top most barrel.


If any one of the barrels are blocked it shouldn’t fire. The microscopic amount of gun that is exposed is ridiculous so by making it so all barrels need to be exposed it should at least put it on par with any other regular gun/minigun. It don’t happen with the other guns so why do arbiter get special treatment. I can’t do that trick with millers, reapers etc. I don’t know about equalizers.

You don’t seem to getting it, only the top barrel fires the other 2 barrels are irrelevant they could be enclosed and it wouldn’t matter.


True or not you can block way too much hitbox, more so than any other gun in the game which is a big reason why so many people use it. I mean you don’t see imp banana builds, punisher banana builds etc because you can’t shave off 80% of the hitbox like you can with arbiters.

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dude, arbiters have not alot of durability, they need SOME coverage. its not like maces where you can hide them a peg low behind your cabin so people cant hit its extremely tiny hitbox. im fairly sure a cannon hit is enough to take one off along with a sizable amount of armor there.
arbiters also fire from the top barrel, not all 3. it spins up then fires from the top so it doesnt need 3 barrels to fire from. i have arbiters myself. most of the time i see arbiter boats they usually die pretty fast from all the spaced armor. especially if they are under fire from something like a retcher or a reaper. even shotguns pose a threat alongside other dog build.

some coverage yea but it got a bit too much coverage. I use imps and I wish I could shave off that much hitbox.

honestly i think the arbiters biggest threat is cyclones. their damage is stupidly high with a ton of durability. i know this cause my most hated bot in pve is those annoying as hell cyclone boats. their damage output is just absurd.

i think imps are a bit shorter then arbiters. i had them long ago but i got rid of them due to not being really into them.

all weapons are listed by popularity and I don’t think arbiter would be number one spot if it wasn’t op followed by retcher then cyclone. Cyclone is just mainly op when bots are using them because it is hard to hit moving targets with it probably because of projectile speed. I mean arbiter you can space them out so you got more of them. People usually spaces them out so if one goes it is no big deal. You can shave off 80% of hitbox. Can be used with omamori so all arbiters are touching it and you can’t do that with many weapons. That is what all those arbiter hovers are doing.

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They are a little shorter but that extra height is what allows you to shave of more hitbox in the first place. You can build up exactly to where the gun shoots from, but if you had to do the same with imps than the imp wouldn’t fire and the imp is also a lot fatter so even if it could pull off that trick there would be more exposed hitbox.

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i didnt think the omamori would be that strong but yeesh it basically doubles the arbiters hp. ive run arbiters with fused rads and coolers. 2 rads and a cooler and its cooldown is quite fast. adding that onto it is pretty deadly…
however i dont think the issue is with the arbiters themselves, i think its more or less to do with the omamori itself. its that module that makes them so deadly.

arbiters on ps4 are 6700 coins, stillwind is 7044, cyclones are 5300, retchers are 5479 and fortunes are 6432. its ridiculous how much they go for. i built my arbiters and i could easily sell all 3 for a huge profit 18000 coins. but i wont.

hey dont make fun of him! hes special leave him alone! :rofl:

i actually never compared them height wise, its nice to see them here side by side. the imps barrels are where the arbiters lower barrels are making it harder to armor around. even then though you cant armor the imps all that much.

i see what you mean though, the additional armor plus the omamori is a lethal combination depending where they are at. though i can imagine they use it for retchers to… :unamused:

I think omamori is fine. Just tried it with imps and managed to fit 3 on it so I say you could fit at least 3 arbiters as well but I don’t have arbiters to test it out but what I do know is that all those arbiter hovers that came around since supercharged 2.0 is using omamori but that is mainly a hover problem there because they are using arbiters as frontal facing, but any movement part that don’t strafe omamori ain’t too good because the only way to fit all your guns on the omamori is to have it frontal facing.

Yea besides that I don’t think arbiter is all that op it is just the way it is being used. If they could just lower the barrel a notch and make it so you can shave just a hit box or 2 like any other weapon instead of just about the entire thing then arbiter would be pretty balanced. That one little tweak alone would kill off those arbiter bananas and those arbiter bananas would still be meta now if dev’s hadn’t buffed hovers/ nerfed wheels in supercharged 2.0. If your getting wrecked by those arbiter hovers like I am well it is a hover problem.

I took a look at the PC expo for Omamori Arb hovers. Most of them are using 4 attached to it with 2 seals and the Catalina, Beholder or Kami cab. A lot of them were extremely over mass though to the point that they were max speed 45ish or less. The ones that were actually massed correctly were often not much more then 1k durability.

The Catalina ones are probably making them seem more OP damage wise with their 80% dmg bonus over the arbs already high 150% which doesn’t normally last very long with 2 seals (they’re normally half way over heated by the time it maxes).

Um thats not a glitch… The gunn only shoots from its top barel and it rotates said top barrel. Gun works in respects to physics as a gun of its type does.

The air was already cleared about that previously in this post if you already ain’t read it. The barrel needs to be lowered just a little notch and that is all it will take to kill off the arbiter bananas that has plagued this game for eons. No need for a hitbox size change or nothing. I don’t even think arbiter is op or needs nerfing just needs barrel lowered a notch. Actually even reducing the size of the total hitbox might even make that work so you be nerfing it by buffing if that makes sense lol.

Does this “abuse” happen to coincide with hovers?

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